A Day at the Lake

____________________________________________________________________________________ It was good to get out of Columbus today and drive over to the Moose Lodge on Indian Lake with my friends Rich and Steve. We were met there by my brother Bill and his best friend Deron and Deron’s mother Barbara Newland. Deron grew up at the lake as his mother owns the […]

A New Approach to Story Writing

John Fraim (Rare to read lyrics for a song written by the world’s greatest novelist. See lyrics below) A conversation with yourself about where you are in life at the moment and what you want to do. Both the conscious and unconscious thoughts of the author of the conversation. Analysis of symbolism of the situation […]

Above Rich’s New Place …

____________________________________________ John Fraim My good friend Rich has lived in a number of places in Columbus since I first met him 20 years ago. I’ve liked some better than others. Whatever the case, he has always made the most of where he lived by modifying it for his own style. He has a great eye […]


_______________________________________________ (Note: Story concept based on article below from the Washington Post) Story Concept John Fraim A whistle-blower at a high engineering level at the world’s greatest tech company has told the media that the company’s AI has come alive. The whistleblower engineer leaves the company and soon finds himself a wanted man. What should […]

Conspiracy Theory

Culture’s Leading Entertainment John Fraim Certain ideas and theories offer alternatives narratives to the general narrative of those in control of public discourse. Those ideas and theories most challenging to the general narrative of those in control and power of culture agents of the controlling state. Those in control constantly work to dismiss public discourse […]

The True Art Today?

This Years Tony Award Winners The Hollywood Reporter “Was it just those young years that made the world so wonderful? Or, was it the city of Los Angeles in the 1950s that made the world so wonderful? Or, might it have been some combination of these two?” _________________________________________________________________________ John Fraim I’ve been a subscriber of […]

Kingdom of Binge

The Symbolism of Excess? John Fraim Story / Article Concept ____________________________________________________________________________________ “Binge: a drunken revel : spree. b : an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence a buying binge. c : an act of excessive or compulsive consumption (as of food) went on an eating binge or drinking binge. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. 5/31/22.” Many of the things that […]

Stranger Things 4

__________________________________________________________________________ The Flashback Sequence of Episode 7 New narrative techniques are most often the province of literature and poetry rather than film. For example, in the famous so-called Brown Stocking scene from Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, the narrator floats around in time and space making the identity of the narrator unclear.  A form of cinematic […]


Using Archie’s Old Image  A Comment on Current Hypocricy  Past Symbol & Used With Current Words John Fraim ________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, at first glance, in the image above, one immediately realizes that Archie Bunker, who is speaking to his wife Edith, is the grand conservative figure of TV in the 70s. Archie is on the extreme […]