A Day at the Lake

The Lodge
Quiet Village / Martin Denny


It was good to get out of Columbus today and drive over to the Moose Lodge on Indian Lake with my friends Rich and Steve. We were met there by my brother Bill and his best friend Deron and Deron’s mother Barbara Newland. Deron grew up at the lake as his mother owns the oldest resort on the lake, Newland’s Resort near the Moose Lodge.

We all sat at the long bar of the Moose Lodge with a huge window that looked out onto the lake and had beers and marguerites and lunch. The prices were reasonable and the food was good. Steve was a former Marine colonel and got into a conversation with a fellow veteran sitting at the bar. Deron had just arrived back in Ohio from Phoenix where he works half the year. On a Monday afternoon, the club only had a scattering of members in it.

When lunch was over, I went out into the parking lot and got my drone out and took a few photos above the club. Then, we all headed down to Newland’s resort.

The Lodge from Another Angle

* * *

Newlands Resort was founded in 1897 and is the oldest resort on the lake. Barbara Newland and her son John have run the resort for a number of years. The resort features camp sites and waterfront cottages with their own boat docks. Located on the north part of the lake out of the town of Lakeview, it is on the serene peninsula of Sassafras Point across the channel from the popular restaurant/bars Froggys and the Tilton Hilton.

I’ve been to the resort a few times but it was the first time for my friends Steve and Rich so Barbara gave everyone a brief tour of the boat docks and the cottages. The narrow little channel in front of the resort wound its way back into the northern part of Indian Lake.

The Channel in Front of Newland’s Resort

After the tour, we all went back to Barbara’s home on a small hill overlooking the docks and the cottages. She showed Steve and Rich her old black powder musket she keeps in her living room. Then we all went out on the deck and enjoyed the Monday afternoon.

Barbara’s Home at Newland’s Resort

Before we left, I got the drone out again and took a shot above the resort.

Above Newland’s Resort

We said goodbye to everyone and started to head back to Columbus. But the famous Tilton Hilton was just across the channel from us so we had to stop there. The place got its name because the floor of the place is at an angle.

The Tilton Hilton

We had a few beers at the bar. Steve ordered a fish sandwich and the guy at the bar next to us said it goes better with hot peppers. He left to bring some back for Steve’s fish sandwich. He lived just down the street and was back in a few minutes with some hot peppers from his own garden. Steve impressed everyone with the cards he gives out to people noting that he holds the Guinness World Record for fastest beer chugger.

Rich and Steve at the Bar of the Hilton Hilton

It was getting to be late afternoon when we left Indian Lake. It had been a great day at the lake.

2 thoughts on “A Day at the Lake

  1. I’d guess the reason for there just being a scattering of members at the lodge on that Monday was because most of them were probably in recovery from the “Putting Around the Lake” event on the prior Saturday! Great event at a great
    place …, Indian Lake!!!

  2. Great pictures John, glad you and your buddies got to stop at the Tilton Hilton…next time try their huge hamburgers ,that they are noted for…They also do breakfast….Indian Lake is a fun place, and on weekends you can enjoy the bands playing at the Tilton Hilton, Froggy’s and sometimes Achesons Restaurant, which is over there at Turkey Ft. also. Back on the islands there is Cranberry Resort who also has music on weekends. People come to relax, fish, or go out on their boat with friends and family, a good place to be.

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