Countryside of New Albany, Ohio

Two Symbols : Study Notes for a Symbolic Diorama John Fraim 10/19/23 Rick Sowash / “Lullaby for Kara” from Sanctuary at 3 am (My friend Rick is an Ohio composer) _______________________________ The old and new symbols of America are represented in Central Ohio. The old symbol is the Ohio countryside of farms. The new symbol […]

Professor Galaxy

The First Dealership / Pasadena Alice Coltrane / Translinear Light _______________________________ The Diorama Muse Putting her to Bed for Awhile Or not? John Fraim I’ve just completed organizing and documenting chronologically the nine months of great creativity I went through from January to September 2018. I call it the return of the model making muse […]

The Diorama Muse

Encounters With Her (From 1/17/18 to 9/12/18) John Fraim The dioramas in the above film were created during this period of time. And then they stopped so that this time could be defined as a period of time. Giving way to a new period of time in one’s life. For artists, it is usually a […]