Sign in the Mountain

“Somehow, I ended up on some Chinese mountain looking at a scene from a Timothy Leary lecture.” Forced Perspectives & Cool Media I got the old Chinese sage and piece of oval artwork I bought at the Heritage Square Antique Mall and started to positioning them on parts of a piece of Burl wood I […]

Heritage Square Antique Mall

The Chinese Sage After the meticulous assembly involved in the Chasing Bullitt diorama, I had a sudden inclination towards simply searching out objects for my dioramas rather than creating them. The Buckeye Burl wood bin at WoodWerks offered a number of great contexts for dioramas. Then, I discovered the huge Heritage Square Antique Mall. For years, I had […]

Escape Route

To Eric McLuhan, A Wonderful Friend, Collaborator & Fellow Traveller (1942 – 2018) I’m beginning to stop using paper, cardboard and foamcore to create my dioramas and starting to use wood. For the most part, all the latter materials are by-products of wood. But, it is good to simply go to the source and use wood […]

Chasing Bullitt: Part Three

The compled Chasing Bullitt diorama. Having fun with a poster for Bullitt on the side of the flat. Of course the poster is not on the side of the flat and could not announce a movie that is still being made in the diorama scene. (It can be attached or detached via a magnet behind […]

Green Giant Pea Spill

Do you ever worry that the highway you’re on might be shut down because a giant Green Giant can has spilled peas across the road? And now, up ahead, you can see a couple of police cars have stopped traffic where the peas spilled over the highway. Someone has opened a can of Green Giant Peas […]

Final Witness

  The 1/12 Scale Man With the Binoculars in Witness _______________________________________________________________ We first ask you to scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the YouTube containing the music from the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind. Then, scroll back up and press our Vimeo above. We are not allowed to upload the […]


Witness Mock-Up After completing the Deep State Swamp diorama, I returned to a project called Witness that had been incubating for some time. The basic idea was to suppose there was a witness in the mountain hills above what is happening in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The witness has pulled his car off the […]