Bandmember Makes Good …

Fellow Attic Bandmember Makes Good John Fraim When I was a teenager, I was in a few bands. One was back here, in an Ohio school, and the other was a school in California. Before the bands, though, I learned how to play the piano. Perhaps thanks in part to my grandmother on my father’s […]

New Albany Tech Sector

___________________________________________ The above photo was taken by my drone straight up over my home in New Albany. It is up about 400 feet and looking east over the surrounding countryside of New Albany. The tech sector on Beech Road beginning on the right with a few large white structures just right from the center of […]

Magic Hour in New Albany

__________________________________ It was a day full of weather changes in my home town of New Albany, Ohio. A few hours earlier, there was an intense snow storm in the same scene above. The weather above is not sure what it wants to do. There is a brief interlude of a “magic hour” of light. Named […]

Pillow Talk

From 90 Day Fiancee. The old telephone “party line” lives on in the grandest gossip possible on a mass scale. That is the gossip of former contestants on a show watch new contestants on the show and make comment on them. Often, from the beds or coaches while watching snatchs of the episodes then paused […]

Theories of Liz

_______________________________________________________ Context of an Email / Lunch with a Friend  Story based on lunch that my brother and I had with a close friend. No one else has seen this yet except my brother and sister. Somewhat the story of my journey inside the QAnon conspiracy and then outside of it. In some ways. Yet […]