Pillow Talk

A Piece of Pillow Talk (from YouTube)

From 90 Day Fiancee.

The old telephone “party line” lives on in the grandest gossip possible on a mass scale. That is the gossip of former contestants on a show watch new contestants on the show and make comment on them. Often, from the beds or coaches while watching snatchs of the episodes then paused for their reactions.

I started watching a harmless little cable show called 90 Day Finacee many years ago. One of the first episodes was about the guy who went to Thailand or some place like this and had to buy a number of cows to show his love for the guys daughter. So, it is very appropriate that you see him and his wife as observers on the show. The earliest is mixed with the latest reviewers in a brilliant mix-up of narratives and comments in real time on a television program. Something that many have wanted to see based on the popularity of Pillow Talk.

Steph and I have watched it on and off over the years.

Its offshoot babies are in various states of acceptance and growth. There is the program about the family. The one about the two sisters.

More Commentators on Pillow Talk

Those who doubt the hynotic power of this program should simply listen to the mixture of sounds in the program created and mixed together by brilliant sound enginers. And then, there is the best editing in all of reality television. With Pillow Talk, self referential television modern world’s snoopiness of peeping toms in life. As if there own life didn’t mean much to them.

But this is perhaps one of the greatest formulas for mass entertainment. The idea and perspective of our narrator hero/heroine peeping into another’s world. The exploration might be commendable to a certain extent. It was the extent that she was copying the life of another and adding it to her own. Or, taking this experience in similar to an ingredient in a mixture.

A program that continues to push the boundaries of media today. Here, an example of the old media of the telephone “party line” brought into the present by the television series Pillow Talk, part of the overall 90 Day Fiance franchise.

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