Magic Hour in New Albany

Day of strange weather / New Albany / John Fraim (4/9/22)
Waltz for Debby / Written by Bill Evans


It was a day full of weather changes in my home town of New Albany, Ohio. A few hours earlier, there was an intense snow storm in the same scene above.

The weather above is not sure what it wants to do. There is a brief interlude of a “magic hour” of light. Named by photographers, it is that time in the day when the sun’s light is most directly against the earth and her objects. Like the structures in the photo above.

Over the brightly lighted up colors above, there are dark clouds. Thunderstorms come to Ohio this time of year. Yet the dark clouds above are enough to make me run in and grab my Sony camera and take the above photo by bracketing five quick shots. Processed in what’s known as High Dynamic Range (HDR) by combining the five images of the Sony into one image and allowing us to manipulate this image. All of this processing power allowd to the photographer in the Photomatix Pro 6 program.

A Snow Storm Before the Magic Hour

It seemed to capture a type of symbolism about the situation of the world today. Matched up with a beautiful piece of music from Bill Evans. A photo like the above should be available for any download possible.

The photo above seems to capture the bright future ahead for New Albany with having the states greatest investment ever within city limits.

But the symbolism of the above photo for me were the brilliant colors of “magic hour” light contrasted against the dark skies above them. They are full of light when darkness is over them. A powerful symbolic contrast captured in an image in the synchronicity of the moment.

On this day of strange weather.

Of strange synchronicities.

In New Albany.

In our country.

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