45 Years of U-2

Much can be said about the intersection of the two videos above. But perhaps the most evident one to me is the contrast between innocence and maturity. The top video is so much about innocence. So much that when the camera stays on the drummer of U-2 he becomes shy. The band’s first recording in […]


John Lang “Trepidation” (2023) This song is such a gorgeous song to me. It possesses elegance and is connected to great theme music of the American experience like the music of Aaron Copland. By bass player John Lang’s group. From his current album Earotica, released September of 2023. This song is such a transcendent American […]

Bike Ride Around New Albany

The Backward Step / Nicholas Payton & Christie Dasheill _______________________________ I love to ride bikes but I’m not part of the bike group that buys expensive bikes and takes 30 mile rides down the two-lane roads into the country. Rather, I’ve got a comfort bike and found – through a number of rides – it […]

End Times

_____________________________________ Sometimes one find important things through simply coincidence rather than extended search. Such was the case the other day while reading the 10/16/23 blog from my (free) subscription to Ted Gioia’s substack, The Honest Broker. I’ve been avidly reading his blog for a month now since a friend introduced me to it. Gioia is […]

A New Lukas

AI Family Concepts His Questions / My Answers John & Alex Fraim Alice Coltrane / Translinear Light ___________________________________________ Introduction John Fraim The use of artificial intelligence for specific purposes of answering the most important questions it is asked. These are the questions from those data clusters of questions that AI has received. The AI system […]

The Creator & Wilderness

The Creator Two Opposite Symbols of What Films Can Be/Are Today Canadian Sunset / Gene Ammons ___________________________ John Fraim I somehow convinced my wife Stephanie to attend the first screening in Columbus of the new visually spectacular The Creator. Made by an indie filmmaker, it achieves the look of a film that someone has dropped […]

Lukas and the Monster of the Misty Mountains

“I’m using ChatGPT to write bedtime stories for my son Lukas now. Defining the details and the morals that I want the stories to convey.” Alex Fraim – 10/2/23 ___________________________________ Is AI Really that Monster in the Misty Mountains? John Fraim Today, towards the end of 2023, AI has become a scary word for many […]