Robot Attack

“Boys will be boys … even in the robot apocalypse.” _____________________________________________________ A lot of fathers and mothers have engaged their children to make a short film. But few have ever made one that looks like it came from a major studio. That is, until Canadian Brian Vowles decided to make a short science fiction film […]

Free Solo

El Capitan in Yosemite Consider the movies up for Oscars. The key films are in the major film genres like drama, thriller, comedy and romance. The genre of documentary film is never considered one of the big, important genres by the movie industry. But for me, the greatest film in the current Oscar crop is […]

A Fellow Traveler

Chapter 16: A Fellow Traveler (From our novel Confrontation)   They walk across a type of quad with FBI buildings all around. Then they go to one of the trails the FBI Academy uses for training. It passes through the woods surrounding the FBI complex and up a hill then into a field where there […]

The Emotional Life of Nations

This morning I worked as a literary archeologist of sorts by pulling Lloyd deMause’s The Emotional Life of Nations off an old website and putting the book into a readable form by changing font type and size and making a few other changes to make it more readable. It is one of the key books in the […]


New chapter inserted into our novel Confrontation … 3.Benjamin   Lieutenant Benjamin takes command of the aircraft carrier. It is a negligible event and things move on with the activities of the ship as it leads the American fleet against the Chinese navy. Benjamin stands behind the crew-member steering the carrier for a few minutes. […]


Confrontation I’m happy to announce the completion of my novel Confrontation. Currently looking for test readers to give feedback. Please email me at if you want a PDF of the novel sent to you. Thanks. John