The New Salem Pilgrimage

John Fraim One of the best-selling books of all time is a self-help book called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Published in 1936 in the middle of the Great Depression, it did not start-off as a book but rather a series of lectures that Carnegie was giving in New York […]

The Post Pandemic Company

(Diorama and photo by John Fraim) John Fraim I think that in time, there will develop an entire genre or art-form related to our post-pandemic world. Perhaps even approaching the BC and AD designations of the arrival of Christ. The great change will create the condition for the demand of a new word to define […]

The Bells of Banff

  In these difficult times, small acts can make a big difference. Everyday at 1pm Heather Jean Jordan rings the bells of St. George In The Pines as a symbol of hope and community for the town of Banff. Here is “Amazing Grace” performed by Heather Jean Jordan. The town of Banff, Alberta

Cool Content

Sometimes you race on in life without ever looking back. Sometimes you do it all the time and sometimes only occasionally. And then, perhaps hardly ever.  Something from the past comes back into present life. This was the case with a few projects of mine from the past. I had never given up on them […]

Miss Blue Christmas

It was an interesting day. I spent a few hours of it exploring a fascinating new idea from Wave AI in the Bay Area. The company was mentioned to me by a friend of mine (thanks Larry) who is in the North Bay Angels of investors in counties north of San Francisco. I explored their […]

Disco Days

May 27, 2020 /  Disco Days – The Band (They hate posing for selfies) Days bring different moods to me like they do to us all. But I think these moods have taken on a greater presence in my life. Once they were the unseen elephant in my personal room. Now, I can see the […]

Kids From Space

Current Midnight Oil Band / 2020 (The below piece is dedicated to Memorial Day 2020, just a few days away as I write this tonight. This particular Memorial Day seems the most important one for remembering the past when the present and future have dominated the nation’s mindset so much over the past few months. […]

We’re Not All In This Together

America is currently caught up in tunnel vision with battles inside communities and states between those who want freedom from governor’s lockdown orders and the increasingly non-functioning political system. Add to all of this, conspiracy theories now thrive as perhaps rightly they should today when the official narrative to the world is challenged more and […]

The Great Undeclared War

What U.S. National Strategy Should Look Like In The Wake of Coronavirus If China’s actions in the coronavirus catastrophe offer any window into this communist regime, it is that the threat they represent is unlike anything America has faced. John Poindexter, Robert McFarlane and Richard Levine The Federalist / May 19, 2020 Review By John […]

New Hope

  When I took my PortaStudio 24 up from the basement, it had 30 tracks on it I previously recorded about two years ago. This one was one of the most beautiful it seemed to me. Not sure how I recorded it and with what instruments. Perhaps the Kaosillator? Hard to know for sure. Now, […]