Return to Santa Rosa

John Fraim A return to Santa Rosa, California. Where I lived for a number of years. You live in many places in life but just one of them truly feels like home when all is said and done.  It’s a hot August all over the nation. I’ve rented a home for a week for the […]

Before the Big Bang

The Origin of the Universe and What Lies Beyond (2022) Laura Mersini-Houghton John Fraim / Review 8/9/22 at 9:17 pm est __________________________________________________ Part One I was a funny kid in my reading habits. When my other sixth grade classmates were dutifully following the assigned reading topics. And I was reading a little paperback magazine called […]

To Those Who Show Us Things …

Even the greatest artists can never claim one hundred percent of his creations. Always, if it is great art and not just the visions of one person, our greatest art is a collective endeavor. In effect, the product of a particular media ecology or communication system. To believe an artist works created just by a […]


May America Too Meet Its Better Self! (Editor’s Note: Another post from my friend Rick Sowash, one of America’s great composers. See info on Rick at bottom. Subscribe to his wonderful weekly post that the below comes from.) In 1935 America seemed about to collapse.  The Great Depression lay heavily upon the land and it […]


John Fraim Everything is in “transition” these days with nothing standing still. The world is in transition. The US economy is in a transition. People are in transition. Society is in transition after the pandemic. Will this transition stop? Or is it one of those words we need to cling on to these days when […]

Dangers of Audience Capture

It’s not good for us to be chasing information down rabbit holes each day. But then, it’s also not good for those who create these rabbit holes. Social media influencers – like Nicholas Perry – can become brainwashed by their audiences. Read the story “The Perils of Audience Capture” by Gurwinder on his Prism sub […]

Symbolism of the Cross

Intersection of Sequence, Cycles & Correspondence (From a work in progress) The cross has great religious symbolism. Yet, viewed from the perspective of sequence and correspondence, the horizontal and vertical lines creating the cross represent the intersection of linear and non-linear time. In this sense, the vertical line represents the movement from the past on […]

Port Charles at Night

It’s almost as if we are seeing the above scene from a drone at night. We are by a harbor as the sound of seabirds can be heard. It is a foggy evening. Below is the sound of activity in the railroad yard. In the background to the right, the downtown area of the city. […]

Hallucinatory Culture

______________________________________________________ Maybe just a few of us feel things are getting strange today. I’m not taking a progressive or conservative view. Or a Democrat or Republican one. Left or right wing. It’s something that crosses party lines. Something a discipline – in academic terms – hates. Something beyond the world of the discipline. Something interdisciplinary. A […]