____________________________ Made about four years ago but got it out from the basement to photograph it. A diorama from the famous chase scene in Bullitt where McQueen’s green Mustang jumps the road while chasing the bad guys. I found photos of the original building on the corner of the scene and modeled this and then […]


The Stadium for OSU game against Georgia Football games are really stories when all is said and done. Not stories structured beforehand like screenplays for movies. But in the end, more dramatic than any piece of entertainment Hollywood can cook up.  For OSU, after Thanksgiving of the year, the Buckeyes were possessed by the most […]

Small Worlds

Promised Land by Matt Albanese Believe it or not, the above is a small diorama made by the master diorama builder Matthew Albanese. See other amazing works of Matt on his website. See a short video on the making of the above Promised Land. Matthew Albanese’s fascination with film, special effects and movie magic—and the […]

Season’s Greetings

The annual Season’s Greetings video from my cousin Dave Berry who received the Oscar when working for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic (for the 1985 film Cocoon). Music by the great Bernard Herrmann who created the music for many Alfred Hitchcock films.

Night City

Have been a fan of model railroading since my dad created a train layout in the 60s. From a model railroading site from the UK I subscribe to. Most of the time, nice photos of someone’s train layout. Sometimes, a visionary artist (like Fred) appears on this site. Enjoy photos of his night city below. […]

The Black List 2022

The Black List 2022 What Hollywood Likes  The “Most Liked” Unproduced Screenplays The Black List is not a “best of” list. It is, at best, a “most liked” list.  The Black List is an annual survey of the “most-liked” motion picture screenplays not yet produced. It has been published every year since 2005 on the second Friday of […]

A Song From the Past …

Annadell Park. Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. At the top area of the park. JF photo. Some songs are always associated with a particular time in one’s life when they first heard the song. The state of mind they were in at the time. The indelible stamp of the music to a time in one’s life. […]

Greatest Gunfight Scene in Movie History

The film Once Upon a Time in the West is a 1968 epic Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone who co-wrote it with Sergio Donati based on a story by Dario Argento, Bernardo Bertolucci and Leone. It stars Henry Fonda cast against type as the villain and Charles Bronson as his nemesis. After directing The Good, the […]

From Screenplay To Script

Storytelling. Scripts. Cultural Narratives. The use of screenplay techniques outside entertainment in fields like advertising, persuasion and propaganda. After all, it was tied to narrative in a major way. As literary critic Peter Brookonce said, “Narrative seems to have become accepted as the only form of knowledge and speech that regulates human affairs.”  _______________________________________ It’s […]