The Storyteller Aquarius

The Storyteller Aquarius (From chapter 6 in our current project) The change in marketing from advertisement to story might be a product of the digital age as authors above argue. However, the change could be part of something even greater reflected in the change of astrological signs and the movement from the Age of Pisces […]

Tracking Down Political Narratives

Where/When is the Origin Spot of a Political Narrative? If so, where/what/who is this point? Have political narratives been used through history? In other words, the use of stories in creating a nation, a government, a historical figures … through history. Perhaps the story device is not a new device for creating political narratives throughout […]

Screenwriting & Political Narrative

The Caretaker’s Suite and Boiler Room of a New York Hotel, 1950s (1/12, 2016) – Darryl Audette _____________________________________________ Application of Screenwriting Technique to Political Narrative John Fraim Over the years, methods of storytelling have changed to reflect the technology of their time. The most advanced form of storytelling is screenwriting. Its methods and techniques are […]

Propaganda & The American Revolution

(Click on YouTube link at bottom of this post to listen to Art of Noise music to read this post by) I read an interesting review of a book titled Propaganda and the American Revolution (see bottom of this post).At the time of the revolution, there was much propaganda in pamphlets like Common Sense. Other media elements […]

Integrative Symbol

Senator Susan Collins’ Speech Like everything else today, the idea of greatness wears political labels. What is great to one of the political parties is base to the other party. Within this environment, is it still possible for great speeches from our political leaders? Susan Collins, the Republican Senator from Maine, came on national television […]

Confrontation of Symbols

American culture has always been based on that continual clash between its two founding ideals in freedom and equality. They are two ideals that represent the grand symbolism of the world in the Masculine and Feminine genders and archetypes. The continual battle of symbols is the true key to the greatness of the nation. Not necessarily […]