“Confessions” /┬áBad Bad Not Good (With Colin Stetson) (Colin Stetson on the right recording with Leland Whitty from BBNG on the left) John Fraim I somehow came upon the band Bad Bad Not Good (BBNG) through my journey these past few weeks into the world of DJs and particularly DJ Day. I somehow arrived thorugh […]

DJ Day

DJ Day Way Out of Living (2011) John Fraim I was living in Palm Desert, California when I first heard the music of DJ Day. It was around 2014 and we had been living in the desert for two years. We first lived in downtown Palm Desert and then moved out to a gated community […]

L.A. Woman

LA Woman (1971) – The Doors Final Album Maybe the song is one of my favorites because I grew up in the LA of the 50s and went to school in LA in the late 60s. My father ran a car dealership in the 50s when we lived out there. In the late 60s, I […]

The Girl and the Bull

A powerful photo. It could mean a few things. We all have our ideas. Powerful in this way. The straight-and-narrow path depicted by the vertical space between the two downtown buildings. The young girl, though, does not look like she is going to take the old straight-and-narrow path. To me, this makes her so much […]

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Pitt and DeCaprio / A Fading Cowboy Star and his Loyal Stuntman Somewhat of a nostalgic day seeing the new Tarantino movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. I was born in LA and lived there in most of the 50s. Interestingly, I moved back there to attend UCLA in the summer of 1969. So, […]


Story Idea: particular electronic programs on the world’s greatest synthesizers are programs from a grand class of the past trying to break free through music. A new idea of the modern musician. Someone who doesn’t necessarily create music through the input of his or her own into a partiular instrument. Rather, the modern musician/artist is […]

Laws of Cryptocosm

Below, a post I copied from George Gilders seminar a few years ago. The recent seminar is captured as we signed up for it and publish part of the transcript of the seminar and a longer interview explanation of cryptocosm. The below a summary of what Gilder says in his seminar I read the transcript […]