Ideas To Loglines

Turning Ideas Into Loglines There are few books that provide wise advice for film and tv storytellers at the early stage of an idea. A treatment or screenplay has yet to be written. The writer is usually itching to rush through this process and get to creating the story. In effect, a logline is a […]

Storytelling Renaissance

William Rabkin Creating The Series Renaissance in Storytelling John Fraim   Recent years have brought forth a great change to storytelling structure in films and television. It is little secret that one of the major changes has been the outflow of creative writing talent from films to television. But within the television industry there has […]

Londonderry Farewell

Londonderry Farewell  Buy Londonderry Farewell on Amazon.   The US Navy communications base in Londonderry, Northern Ireland played an important part in winning WWII and became a vital part of its community. However, by the mid-70s it was situated in the middle of the raging civil war between Catholics and Protestants called the “troubles” and […]

The Power of Generational Storytelling

The Film Poms   There was a time when cultures were open to learning from their elders. But today’s culture – focused on youth more than perhaps ever before – has little interest in learning from the experience of age. One might lament this fact until the cows come home but it does have consequences […]


My cousin Dave Berry has been making many short films since working for George Lucas and receiving an Oscar for his work in special effects. Check Dave’s “Glorious” with music by Steve Kindler, internationally recognized violin virtuoso, composer. Steve was a member of John McLaughlin’s fusion band, Mahavishnu Orchestra and has also toured and recorded with […]


“Hypothetically, scale of one to ten, how difficult would it be for someone to disappear?” Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) / Ozark, Season 1, “Sugarwood.”   The Hero is one of two partners in an up-and-coming Chicago financial management firm meet with a real estate agent to look at a huge new office space for their growing […]

The Challenge of Conservative Stories

The Challenge of Conservative Stories John Fraim   “Both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are obliged by the nature of their dramatic structures to consider the fundamental questions of politics, and both invite deeply conservative interpretations. Conservatives are acutely aware of our pop-cultural deficit, and sometimes argue that we need more conservative stories on film, on television, […]