Kamala & The Utopia of Space John Fraim Press the play button above to the Schifrin song before reading below __________________________________________________________________ It’s a bizarre video that’s painful to watch. Of course, I’m talking about the video that Kamala did in conjunction with NASA as the basis for a TV series. It starts off with shots […]

Squid Game

Taking The Zeitgeist’s Temperature John Fraim Giant plastic girl in the Red Light, Green Light game from Squid Game In a Silent Way / Miles Davis ___________________________________________________________ One of the greatest series for Netflix began streaming on September 17 and in just a few weeks has skyrocketed to the top global ranking for all of […]

Emerging Artist

______________________________________ Plein air painting, is the act of painting outdoors. Before the 19th century, artists mixed their own paints from raw pigments that they often ground themselves from a variety of media. This had made for inconvenient portability and kept most painting activities confined to the studio. However, this changed in the 1800s, when tubes of oil […]

Media Psychology & A Worldview

John Fraim So many psychological connections between the Internet and the modern psyche. If only Jung was around to provide a way forward today. Or Marshall McLuhan. Or John Coltrane. Or, my own father and grandfathers I remember so well. Yet all my heroes are dead today and it is up to people like me […]

Class of ’70 Reunion

As things usually happen when there’s not a lot of money in the old class reunion bank account, I was called on to take the class photo of my wife Stephanie’s high school class of 1970 for their 50th reunion (really 51st with its postponment last year). I took my GoPro camera along with my […]

Joseph’s Coat

Before reading below, press the arrow for the appropriate background music for reading the below. I was recently elected to the Board of Joseph’s Coat in Columbus. It was somewhat of an unusual way. I created one blog on Midnight Oil about early morning in my local coffee house and provided some photos I took […]

The Chair

Miles Davis / “In A Silent Way” It comes as little surprise that today’s greatest cultural wars are being waged within our educational system. The battles of this war are fought in all segments of the American educational system from our secondary school system to our colleges and universities. We read about scrimmages in the […]

Snow, Death & The Bewildered Herd

(Editor’s note: The chapter below titled “Snow, Death & The Bewildered Herd” is from the book Seeking Truth in the Country of Liesby Edward Curtain. I have been reading this brilliant book of essays collected from blogs over the past few years by the author, a professor at an eastern college. Outside the insightful comments on […]

Dylan 2020

(The below is from Edward Curtin’s essay “Bob Dylan: A Masked Man in Search of Redemption?” from his book Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies (2020).  “He wears a mask and his face grows to fit it.” George Orwell, “Shooting an Elephant” In late March 2020, (Dylan) unexpectedly released a new song. He burst […]