Suzanne Pascal / March 19, 1914 – September 24, 2021  Essence of the Sun / Nicola Conte and Spiritual Galaxy ____________________________________________ A friend of my mother’s was the famous painter and glass sculptress Suzzane Pascal. She lived a few blocks from our home in Beverly Hills and her glass studio was in the garage behind […]

Confessions of a Leading NextDoor Neighbor Poster

My Neighborhood in the Early Evening John Fraim Trepidation _________________________ “Absolutely amazing! So good to see a post on this sight with people not angry, not political, not rude, insensitive or ignorant. Thank you!” Message to the author from NextDoor Neighbor. Thanks to one of my NextDoor Neighbor messages above. It’s for these short little sentiments […]

The Two Generation Ticket

Backward Step ___________________ A Case For … A Two Generation Presidential Ticket And Two Generation Leadership of our Nation’s Future John Fraim It’s been interesting (and disturbing) that almost all the media attention has been on those running for president with hardly any talk about a vice-president. Many say – at a year out – […]

Flying Over Mt. Everest

“Men come and go, cities rise and fall, whole civilizations appear and disappear – the earth remains, slightly modified … I sometimes choose to think that man is a dream, thought an illusion, and only rock is real. Rock and sun.” Edward Abbey  ___________________________ I’ve had a Mavic DJI drone for a few years and […]


Mode for Trane __________________________ John Fraim Every once in a long while, an inspiring film somehow makes through the mess of zombie, horror, apocalyptic, depressing films that rule over much streaming today. Finding a great streaming film is not like the old days of broadcast TV programs listed neatly in TV Guide. It is more […]

The Jim Arter Freeway

The Backward Step / Nicholas Payton “Trust is letting your heart have the final say.” ______________________________________ Readers of Midnight Oil know I’ve written about my good friend Jim Arter. I met him when I was making a documentary film on the legendary jazz musician Gene Walker. Maybe 15 years ago. Jim knew Gene very well […]

The Witch’s House

“Cue the Scary Music.” Growing up in LA, Halloween was always a little different for my siblings and me. There were the usual Halloween decorations on houses in our neighborhood. But there was one house that needed no decoration. It was known as “The Witch’s House.” Since it was just around the block from where […]

Police State

Police State Site Dinesh D’Souza 10/23/23  (Columbus, Ohio) Alice Coltrane / Jagadishwar from Translinear Light __________________________ John Fraim For years, an important film genre has been documentary films. Unlike the fiction genres of film, only documentaries had an ultimate aim of being non-fiction. If Hollywood films were the fictional stories about life, the documentary films […]


Trepidation / John Lang (For Walt. You were the best in the world! John) ______________________ “If we recognize the plant as an autonomous power which enters in order to put roots and flowers in us, then we distance ourselves by several degrees from the skewed perspective which imagines that spirit (Geist) is the monopoly of […]