When You Wish Upon A Star

The one-two whammy of audience and critical indifference to “Pinocchio” and “Fantasia” killed Walt Disney’s desire to experiment with the limits of animation in the 1940s. From then on, play it safe was his motto. This may be one of the greatest tragedies to beset popular American culture in the 20th century; despite the depths […]

Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt is a Stockholm based artist and art director who crafts unique 3D sculptures and mesmerizing looping animations. The imagery of Andreas is both sophisticated and whimsical, featuring simple and playful geometric shapes in balanced compositions, together with organic textures and harmonizing color palettes. His perfectly synchronised animations has often been described as “oddly satisfying”, […]

Tokyo Night Trains

0107 – b moll The above is from Tokyo filmmaker Hiroshi Kondo, one of Japan’s rising young filmmakers. As Kondo notes about the above, “The city is made up of much life, light. There is loneliness in the city where self-existence is buried. However, it also feels bright and lively. Each light affects the activities […]

Drone Vision

Above New Albany, Ohio at 7:30 pm on April 15, 2020 I wonder about a lot of unusual things during the era of the pandemic we’re living through. One of the key things that all my various ponderings lead to a particular ability to live in the moment and gain a worldview perspective on things. […]


Pumphandle How A Stimulus Package Works It is a slow day in the small Saskatchewan town of Pumphandle, and streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit. A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk […]

Media Consumption by Generations

From The Visual Capitalist (Click left link for full-size chart) They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, a chart or graph is worth a thousand pictures. Above is a fascinating chart showing media consumption during the Coronavirus. With everyone locked inside, this time offers one of the best “labs” for looking at media […]

Flight of the Year

One of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen! From the world of First Person View (FPV) drones. This is what virtual reality can be! Like many people, Paul “Nurk” Nurkkala spent his first few years of adulthood at a sensible job—he was a computer programmer living in Indianapolis. But in December 2015, his parents-in-law […]

Pandemic Pandemonium: Creating Fear of the Unknown

John Fraim “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.  The oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” HP Lovecraft (1927) Today, power and control are exercised largely through a technique borrowed from the art of magic called distraction. It is a non-confrontational technique. In this sense it represents the […]

A Linnstrument Tribute

For McCoy / Fontaine Bennett / March 15, 2020 It seems appropriate that the passing of the great artist and spiritual leader McCoy Tyner would be memorialized by one of the world’s greatest musicians on perhaps the world’s most advanced musical instrument. It is called the Linnstrument and the latest product from legendary digital music […]