Drone Vision

Above New Albany, Ohio at 7:30 pm on April 15, 2020

I wonder about a lot of unusual things during the era of the pandemic we’re living through.

One of the key things that all my various ponderings lead to a particular ability to live in the moment and gain a worldview perspective on things. But in this time of such inward retreat, how does one gain some larger, outside, perspective on the life and the world?

Perhaps by the act of flying a drone above the current situation and (if you’re a PFV virtual reality racing deone pilot) then using your vision to gain a perspective on our current situtation.

Photo on the top is about 300 feet above my home and looking to the downtown part of my town. Taken today, April 14, 2020 at 7:30 pm. Fighting nine mph winds from the southwest according to the wind map I looked at before flying my Mavic Mini today. Over the photo, I would superimpose the words “New Albany Strong” like an advertising headline with the product – New Albany – below in the advertisement. I would use a typestyle that suggests  a positivite and hopful attitude.

The photo on the bottom is me the size of an ant on the front porch of my home … my drone knows how to maintain distance when it is so important these days. But such an amazing piece of media that lets one get outside and above themselves in such inner and inward times like these.

Me, the size of an ant, on my front porch 


Stay safe, healthy and positive to all my family, friends and New Albany neigbors. John


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