Kids From Space

Current Midnight Oil Band / 2020 (The below piece is dedicated to Memorial Day 2020, just a few days away as I write this tonight. This particular Memorial Day seems the most important one for remembering the past when the present and future have dominated the nation’s mindset so much over the past few months. […]

We’re Not All In This Together

America is currently caught up in tunnel vision with battles inside communities and states between those who want freedom from governor’s lockdown orders and the increasingly non-functioning political system. Add to all of this, conspiracy theories now thrive as perhaps rightly they should today when the official narrative to the world is challenged more and […]

The Great Undeclared War

What U.S. National Strategy Should Look Like In The Wake of Coronavirus If China’s actions in the coronavirus catastrophe offer any window into this communist regime, it is that the threat they represent is unlike anything America has faced. John Poindexter, Robert McFarlane and Richard Levine The Federalist / May 19, 2020 Review By John […]

New Hope

  When I took my PortaStudio 24 up from the basement, it had 30 tracks on it I previously recorded about two years ago. This one was one of the most beautiful it seemed to me. Not sure how I recorded it and with what instruments. Perhaps the Kaosillator? Hard to know for sure. Now, […]

Sparkles of Zampa

  One take in real time on two tracks. The Electribe Sampler on Track One and the MiniLogue XD on Track Two. Start by fade up to Track One where playing the Gate Arpegiattor in real time to Electribe’s Program 39 / Zampa. On track Two, the MiniLogue comes in sequences of a few seconds. […]

The Rescue

Conrad’s The Rescue Getting back into creating music after a few years dominated by my writing muse. So, a few months into the pandemic lockdown, I bring my musical instruments up from the basement where they have been stored for about two years. The Author’s Note of Joseph Conrad’s 1920 novel The Rescue comes to […]

Promoting Ideas by Film

Idea: Promotion of a start-up business to potential investors not via a business plan or pitch deck but rather via a documentary film. Ideas in the form of video stories will become the major method for promoting new businesses. Lessing of face-to-face contact after the pandemic makes digital communication more important. Digital communication of entrepreneurial […]