Promoting Ideas by Film

Idea: Promotion of a start-up business to potential investors not via a business plan or pitch deck but rather via a documentary film. Ideas in the form of video stories will become the major method for promoting new businesses. Lessing of face-to-face contact after the pandemic makes digital communication more important. Digital communication of entrepreneurial ideas to potential investors in the form of venture capitalists.

Those in the start-up business and the filmmaker are involved in this idea. Maybe this should be the new way of promoting new ideas? Not by a business plan but rather by a story and a film. In effect, a marketing piece in the form of a documentary film. The success of the film should be judged solely in terms of how much financing it raises (not how much box office it creates).

Genre: Documentary film combined with a script based on the structure of the STC (Save the Cat) screenwriting structure. A documentary film + combined with the key screenwriting dramatic structure.

Content: A film about a start-up business in the hemp area of the cannabis industry. Five members of the start-up navigate the tough waters of starting a business up in the middle of the pandemic.

Story: We join the start-up at the place they are currently at in their business. We follow members of the start-up around as set up their manufacturing facility as they begin producing product. We meet the key members of the start-up. Perhaps at their own homes. From this first part of the film, we learn an important piece of information about each of the key members of the start-up. A particular skill or talent or expertise each has. It becomes obvious that each has a talent the others do not have. The film continues forward to the beats of the STC method of drama combined with filming the start-up in real time.

Marketing: While film in progress. Parts of the documentary distributed to various social media sites, blogs and family and friends. Family of all Haywood key members. Social sites of family members. When film completed, distribution outside family and friends to VCs and television.


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