Sparkles of Zampa


One take in real time on two tracks. The Electribe Sampler on Track One and the MiniLogue XD on Track Two. Start by fade up to Track One where playing the Gate Arpegiattor in real time to Electribe’s Program 39 / Zampa. On track Two, the MiniLogue comes in sequences of a few seconds. Then, back to Program 39 on the Electribe. Program on the MiniLogue is Program 119 / Sparkles. A short capture of a particular mood for future tracks and song? At 90 seconds, just a concept “snapshot” track to lay other sounds over. A mood, or the mood symbol of a screenplay and film. Recorded on a Lumix FZ1000 camera in 4K using a Rode VideoMic Plus microphone. (5/13/20 at 10:53 pm est)

Digital Instruments are Rescued From the Basement

(See our post Rescue)


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