My new musical piece Spirit posted on SoundCloud.

Made via sampling a song by S. Cip called Spiritual on the Gaget Cloud site. Everyone in the group makes music on their iPhone or iPad with the Korg Gadget App.

The music created on Gadgets are posted to the special site and the music rated by online members of the site. There are favorites. Rising stars. One’s the App suggests following. The music is incredible and short and highly themed using perhaps the most sophisted tools of music production yet conceived of. It is incredible music on the Gadget Cloud site, I thinkn the future of music in many ways. It is short. It is based on a strong emotional theme. It is shared with other musicians. It is rated within a community.

I pull in Spiritual on tracks 7 and 8 on the Tascam 24 track Portastudio. I then over these tracks with the SynthLead Program on my Korg Kross keyboard and program Sine Lead within the overall Program.

Overlayed on another track is Drum Kit 1 on the Kross.

I’m creating short musical phrases. Trying to get and get out of a song, before the listener knows when hit him or her.

Almost all of the 80 recordings on the Portastudio are short pieces, two minutes or less. A form of Haiku musical expression perhaps. I attempt broad images and little more in these pieces of music. The other evening I downloaded Bartok’s Mickrokosmos of 130 short songs. (Thanks cousin David for exposing me to Bartok’s MikroKosmos!) I see much of what I’m doing with music now in this type of vein. I’m not one to spend months on a particular work. Rather, I approach the work in various perspectives and usually catch just one short perspective in a short piece of writing or music.

Anyway, Song #79 in the Tascam Portastudio. Another contribution to what I feel is a developing new type of music. Or, perhaps new medium of music?

It’s interesting that I had my Korg MicroSampler in the office and used it to lay down a few new tracks we’re working on now. But then I was taking music off the Internet these days and I didn’t really need the MicroSampler. I realized that music on various Internet sites might be Sampled as long as full credit and compensation given to the Sampled artist. The Korg Gadget site is an interesting site to pull Samples from but there are certainy other great sources for raw music on the Internet. Or, music that can be patched together into a new type of music perhaps.


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