New Light (Finished!)


Opening of the Red Sea (The last last chapter of our new novel)

New Light in Ancient Egypt is a 45,000-word novel in the historical fiction genre. It is set in ancient Egypt during the reign of King Akhenaten when the polytheism of traditional Egyptian religion (under the Amun Ra god) is replaced by the monotheism of Akhenaten’s new religion (under the Aten god). The story is told by a young man beginning his career named Hapy pulled by loyalties between the two gods. His father Hapu is the King’s key advisor and a follower of Amun Ra. His best friend Nihi is the key advisor to Akhenaten and follower of the Aten. Hapy is confused at first and his confusion makes him play a dual-agent role spying on both his father Hapu and his best friend Nihi. However, his mixed loyalties disappear when he meets and befriends an old priest associated with the Aten cult. He later discovers the priest is named Moses and Hapy becomes the key advisor to Moses.

Rather than speculative fiction, a number of theories suggest the presence of Moses during the period of our story. For example, in his final book Moses and Monotheism, Sigmund Freud argues Moses,  was Egyptian (not Hebrew) and that he was involved with Akhenaten. Freud’s theory is reinforced by a number of leading Egyptologists.

What if Moses – not Akhenaten – was behind the Aten cult?

After Akhenaten’s reign, Moses and the Aten are banished from Egypt. Hapy follows Moses out of Egypt … towards the Red Sea. All evidence of the Aten’s existence is destroyed as Egypt returns to its traditional polytheistic religion. Yet a revised Aten religion continued to grow under Moses and becoming the basis for modern religion.

Not sure if we will publish this ourselves or seek a publisher for. Screenplay in development.

Read the story below.

New Light in Ancient Egypt


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