The Artist’s Light

Light as medium, not message.


The history of art assumes that the use of light is only in the product of the artist.

Yet, what if light created the environment for creation of the artist’s product?

Experiments of Midnight Oil Studios with using the Luxli Cello lights as environmental lights for artists.

Of course this is not to suggest that the Cellos don’t incredibly light up a scene to be photographed or filmed.

But a first approach to these incredible lights as lights as mediums of the artist’s environmental universe of creation. Rather than mere messages within this environment.

Now, with two sets of Cellos, we will explore creative use of them for the artist. Or, anyone else out there in culture that might be interested.

Stay tuned for our research findings.



(We have currently indexed all our blogs on Midnight Oil during the critical months of January 2018 to August 2018. Mostly on the growing art of dioramas. But on other things like Coltrane’s “lost” album. Read all these blogs in chronological order at




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