The Black Knight

Hopalong Cassidy 

The Black Night is the nonfiction version of our short story Boots McKenzie in the post before this one. It is an article on a resident of Palm Desert, California in the 50s through the 70s named William Boyd or Hopalong Cassidy. It is about his early career and his trials and errors in life. Let us know who you think about it. We’ve written a screenplay on all of this called The Once & Future Cowboy so I ended up with more than just two genres of literature. I added a third to the mix with a screenplay.

Below has been seen by very few so interested in your reaction to it. Maybe I’m getting too nostaligic about my old home in the California Desert for so many years (as I moved around the country). And maybe nostalgic for memories of this wonderful old man in his late years.

The Black Knight- DS

In our screenplay The Once & Future Cowboy, an aging cowboy movie hero, living on royalties and memories, is forced to become a real hero for the first time in his life when he moves into a gated retirement community controlled by villainous owners. A tribute to Hopalong Cassidy. What would Hoppy have done if he was forced into a gated desert community by his daughter? He has started to negotiate a return film deal for him with an old studio in Culver City. He has been forced to sell his ranch property outside of Palm Desert in the surrounding hills. The owners of the retirment home have a supernatural control over the residents in the community. Hoppy now faces a new enemy.

We’ll soom be publishing the screenplay The Once & Future Cowboy based on our two previous stories – “Boots McKenzie” and “The Black Knight.”



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