Your Silent Face


Poi Dog Pondering Performing “Your Silent Face”

“A thought that never changes remains a stupid lie.”

(Play above while reading below)

The Chicago cult band Poi Dog Pondering is back in full force on their latest album Remnants of Summer (2018). And, importantly, one of the most powerful and majestic songs of rock is reincarnated. It was 1983 and the British band New Order was rising on the British charts. New Order was formed in 1980 by vocalist/guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris after the demise of Joy Division. The demise of Joy Division was brought about by the suicide of their lead singer Ian Curtis right before the band’s North American tour. The tour would have brought Joy Division a huge new American audience and would likely have made them a “household” name in American music. However, with the death of Ian Curtis, the tour never happened.

New Order became famous for integrating post-punk, electronic and dance music making them one of the most influential bands of the 1980s. Yet, one wonders what would have happened if Ian Curtis had not killed himself and appeared with Joy Division on their Americdan tour? There has been speculation as to the meaning of the song written by Bernard Sumner a few years after the death of Curtis. Its mysterious lyrics (in part) are below. Some speculate that it’s about Sumner’s feeling of the world after the death of Curtis.

A thought that never changes
Remains a stupid lie
No hearing or breathing
No movement, no colors
Just silence
Rise and fall of shame
A search that shall remain
We asked you what you’d seen
You said you didn’t care
Sound formed in a vacuum
May seem a waste of time
It’s always been just the same
No hearing or breathing
No movement no lyrics
Just nothing

The song has had many covers over the years but perhaps none as powerful as its original version in New Order’s second album Power, Corruption & Lies of 1983. Listen to the original version (remastered in 2015 by Warner Music Group) Your Silent Face

Poi Dog Pondering’s new version of the song on their 2018 Summer Remnants album employs their full band again. The song seems a perfect “anthem style” piece which harks back to PDP’s powerful 1999 Natural Thing album and powerful “anthem” songs from that album like Diva, Otavio/Beautiful to Meet You and Ta Bouche Est Tabou. A powerful return for Poi Dog Pondering, and, for “Your Silent Face.”
Buy (or review) Remnants of Summer on Amazon. Or, better yet, buy it (and other PDP albums) on the Poi Dog Pondering store and give more money to the musicians.

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