The Floating Engine


For maybe two years, I’ve been getting emails from Alistair Lee, an Englishman model railroad fan, from his site featuring model railroads of members of the site. Sent into Alistair with notes and photos or videos for publication on his site. He is publishing his site from some little village in England I can’t recall right now. He sheperds the posts to the site like a wise sheep herder.

It is my favorite site on the Internet and the only post I open each day rather than trashing.

In the past month, Alistair has announced severe economic problems forcing him to consider shutting down his site. There is a sale and Alistair says he will await the results of this sale.

Things do not turn well for Alistair and I am not sure whether he will disappear from the Internet or not. I hope not, as his simple little daily post has become the most of all the things on the Internet I anxiously await to hear from each day.

His latest post to me below that relates to the above.

I have no idea whether Alistair will continue on with his web site or not. But the flying engine seems something appropriate and wild to end his sheperdship of the model train global gossip group. A simple little email to me each day. No editorial. Just a link to some proud creator talking about the model railroad layout he/she created. A modern (unrecognized) DaVinci it seems to me. A brilliant fake going around? One has to give it credit for its brilliance in video fake. Is this, in fact, what we are seeing here?




Date: 3:01 am, 11/28/19


I do get sent lots of wonderful stuff.

And I’m going to have to share this, because it’s driving me nuts.

I’ve watched this video countless times now, and I still can’t work out what’s happening.

How is this train floating?

Have a look. It’s here.



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