Cool Content

Sometimes you race on in life without ever looking back. Sometimes you do it all the time and sometimes only occasionally. And then, perhaps hardly ever.  Something from the past comes back into present life. This was the case with a few projects of mine from the past.

I had never given up on them or finally abandoned them. Only left them for a period of time, lingering in the cyberspace on my website, the only thing giving them their existence.

A post to the Media Ecology Association (MEA) list, one of the great communication sites on the Internet, garnered a number of comments. One was from a professor of litrature at Yale who had just written the definitive interpretation of the symbolism of that literary device called  aphorisms. I also heard from a number of other communication professors from the MEA list.

This encouraged me to get out my manuscript Cool Content from a few years ago and update its content and then send it out to my new professor friends. Read an updated copy of it here at  COOL CONTENT.

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