The Politics of Voting

“It’s the Voting System stupid!”

John Fraim

The Monlithic Black Box of the Voting System

Voting has become more sophisticated and hidden from scrutiny, thanks to modern technology and the increased ruthlessness of the two parties. In the modern world it is naive to believe each one of us has one equal vote in elections on all levels: city, state and national. It simply doesn’t happen. There is an increasing mythology surrounding the nation’s voting system. 

In this mythology, a few things stand out to me. 

One, is that there is a distinct politics to counting votes. This counting is carried out mostly in secret. It is naive to maintain beliefs learned in school that all votes count. These beliefs were fostered by the Voting System and preached to the American populace. It is wrong to question this system and in fact downright unpatriotic. The belief of fairness in the voting system has reared up from time to time but for the most part it has been quickly squashed as new administrations come to power, based on the votes.

Over the years, there has developed a type of deep state Voting System that controls the outcomes of all elections. The big question involved in the dynamics of the voting system is when the president represents one group and those that control the Voting System represent the other opposition party. This system will work to be responsible for “counting” the votes in the nation. It might look unsophisticated and haphazard. But in fact, it is perhaps the most powerful tool for in modern politics. 

* * *

The Final Part of the Voting System / The Vote Count (Here in Philadelphia)

For, it never matters what one administration has done, no matter how great it might have been in terms of creating economic growth and overall prosperity in the nation. Or, how bad it has done. When it comes time to vote, the system controlling voting will elect the administration and various control the votes of contests across the nation. They are powerful and they are hidden from view. 

Now, there is an unusual dynamic in the Voting System. An administration is challenging the Voting System. It is not the first time the final vote tally has been challenged as many remember the Bush-Gore fight of 2000. But it is the first time the entire system is being challenged.

For the past four years, there has been a focus on hidden forces controlling the government labeled “the deep state” by the current administration. The focus on the “deep state” has been on the forces inside DC operating to undermine efforts of an administration. Suspicion of deep state involvement in the election system has never been considered to the extent of the current challenge to the 2020 vote. After all, the Voting System is spread across the nation and is outside of DC. It is made up of local volunteers and there is a type of harmless-appearing image promoted about these local vote counters.

Once each two years, an administration each four years, plus thousands of election votes on state and local level elections, this hidden Voting System always elects administrations in their largest national roll as a vote generation system. 

The voting system has an entire party behind it. This is always the first thing to keep in mind. The party behind it is either behind the current administration or against them. Through modern administrations, this voting system continues to be refined through the thousands and even millions of elections and votes. 

Your Vote Counts?

* * *

This Voting System is really a hybrid government-private enterprise. One of those new types of organization/associations I’m seeing a lot more of today, November 8, 2020, the first Sunday after the election.  The national media announces the candidate the Voting System wants to win over the weekend. The new president works quickly to announce his plans. Every effort is made to quickly move on with the results the Voting System has provided. In all of this, the hypocrisy of questioning the vote of 2016 for four years is forgotten. There is no reason to question th results of the Voting System. Time to move on.

The current administration is challenging this Voting System. Will they become the first to expose it for the system it is? As usual, conspiracy theories swirl like dried sage brush across western deserts. Some swirl on for weeks. Past those little trailer homes all by themselves in the upper deserts of California. These conspiracy theories within various groups who have assembled across the nation in the past few decades. Who meet on a regular basis? Have a common purpose. See a common enemy. 

Many other of these conspiracy theories die in my mind (are dead to me as Mr. Wonderful so eloquently says on Shark Tank ), drown or forgotten in the flood of daily media.  

* * *

A Photo to Reinforce the Results of the Voting System

As I write this, the national media has just declared one party – the of the Voting System – has won the new administration. The candidates appear on television across the nation – that even interrupts top college football games on Saturday night. Their appearance follows the national media announcing that they won the election. 

At the same time, the administration challenges the votes in the system. 

One conspiracy theory that swirls around now, lasting for a few days, is that the voting ballots have been given some type of watermark on them so that fake ones can be spotted. Some certain mark, perhaps something only identified under a certain type of light – perhaps something related to crypto currency – was placed on the voting ballets by the current administration in power. 

In fact, the current administration will be conducting a huge “sting” operation of the fake Voting System in the nation. This will be instituted soon. All said by a guy on YouTube by the name of Steve something that sounded very authentic. Steve is a former government and military employee. 

* * *

The idea of a “sting operation” begins to get debunked and starts to fade away. 

What will the administration do?

This is the big question.

After the national media has declared the winner as that who the Voting System picked. The Voting System has not been challenged. Yet, it is challenged now. The current administration aims to put light on the corrupt Voting System. It is corrupt because one vote on a ballot does not translate into one vote within the Voting System, in the final vote tally.  

There is dancing in the streets across the nation. The candidates go on national television and talk about the future and their administration. 

What will the administration do?

Will a focus be maintained on the Voting System by the current administration? Or will the current administration again become the victim of a Voting System that had been developing for many years. It is not something cobbled together each few years. It is far more sophisticated than this. But it’s in the interest of the Voting System to have most believe this about them. 

* * *

Voting has become far more sophisticated and cynical these days. One of the concerns of our founders was the attempt to balance minority and majority rights. 

I wonder about the whole thing. Today, it might not be a balance between minority and majority votes but whatever the Voting System says it is. 

It is the first time the voting system has ever been placed in the spotlight. There is discussion of taking evidence of massive voter fraud, caused by the Voting System. Through controlling not the actions in administrations today not the entire black box of politics or inputs into it all the hands in but only with elections and moving the nation in the area it wants to go. 

The fact is, the party in power has certain abilities. Yet, so does the party out of power also has certain advantages.

Not a Bad Question

There are some obvious things that need to be considered if America continues with the Voting System for selecting leaders. 

One thing (it seems to me) is the ability to all the nation to vote at one time. This ability would also apply to elections and votes throughout the nation. The Voting System controlled all of this. No one has challenged the Voting System. No one, until this administration. The other administrations always went away peacefully into the night and never question the Voting System. 

Don’t laugh. If the TV show American Idol can count 130 million votes by phone during a commercial break, national elections should at least consider an instantaneous voting technology. We do so much by our phones and computers, why not vote directly with them rather than going through all these other intermediaries? The Voting System is based on sending ballots to the Voting System to have them count the votes. The nation must believe in what the Voting System comes up with. If it doesn’t believe in this, the nation is headed towards some tough times. 

Another thing that comes to mind is linking instant voting with the science of crypto-currency. There are advocates on both sides of the fence about using crypto-currency in our voting system. 

Against blockchain voting …

In defense of blockchain voting …

* * *

A drama is about to play out in front of us in the next few days or weeks it seems to me. The Voting System will be exposed or not. A new era of the nation might be at hand if a New Voting System is put into effect. A New Voting System that represents one person, one vote. 

The challenge is an interesting challenge it seems to me. 

The 2020 Presidential elections have offered the ultimate test to the Voting System today. The current administration is challenging the Voting System. 

It is altogether right and proper for them to do this after their administration has whipped up a huge, passion-filled movement. This has happened as the candidate for the opposing party has been able to gather little more than a few people to his infrequent rallies. 

Of course the media is on full defense of the Voting System and people are called unpatriotic or poor losers who don’t accept the results. As Jon Rappoport notes in an 11/9/20 post, “Contesting the election on the issue of vote fraud is not a violation of ‘playing fair’ and ‘accepting results’ and ‘remaining calm.’ It is an argument being made. It is also a question of fact.
What is unhinged is demanding a smooth transition from one president to another, since it is the news networks who made the projection of a Biden victory, and it is those same networks who are featuring the need for that smooth transition ‘in a democracy.’ The media says, ‘We project Biden as the winner. Therefore it is a mathematical certainty. Therefore, do not resist. We are in charge.’ ” As Rappoport observes, that’s a “banana republic” type of system.

It seems a simple reaction to one that might question the outcome of the election today. This needs to be remembered in the context that one party will always be contesting the outcome of a vote while the other party will not be contesting this outcome. 

* * *

America’s founders were concerned about the rights of the minority against the majority in the new nation. Yet they never considered the idea that the minority might make votes through the Voting System so that the minority party will become the majority party in a nation. It is the modern method for the takeover of power from the majority. Not by out-front revolution but rather through a “democratic” and “fair” voting system. 

In the end, it’s the same thing. The current administration believes this to be true. The various administrations score a true popularity score with the American people. How many times does popular vote in presidential elections reflect a popularity of personalities? 

The presidential election of 2020 is perhaps one of the greatest examples of this in the history of studied voting patterns. As well a test of the Voting System and its methods and techniques used for control over all the years, over all the people of the nation. 

The Black Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey

* * *

The Voting System, as not difficult to see, is the final stamp of approval or disapproval on the work of a member of congress or an administration. Of course the activities of a member of congress or a president are important. Yet whether they are allowed to continue with their activities is determined by the Voting System.

With the instantaneous technology that tracks our every move today, it is difficult to believe that a national vote could not be captured in a few seconds like everything else is captured digitally today. The less time to count a vote = the less outside interference with a vote. Conversely, the more time to count a vote = the more time interference from the Voting System. More time allows more intermediaries to get involved in contributing to the creation of the vote numbers created by the Voting System.  More time allows for more operations inside the Black Box of the Voting System.

As Jon Rappoport notes in an 11/9/20 post, “Paper ballots, mail-in ballots, punch cards, touch-screen—it all goes into the hopper. It’s all translated into computer sub-totals and totals. There are various stops along the way, where the numbers are transferred into other machines and systems.
Fraud can occur anywhere during this route. As an observer standing there, in various rooms, staring at machines, you see nothing on that level of fraud. How could you?”

The Voting System / Coming and Going like a Travelling Circus

The Voting System quickly sets up in the school gyms and convention centers around our nation after votes have been cast with the imagery of an old travelling circus. There might be questions about the circus but before these questions can gather any force and momentum, the Voting System circus has collapsed its tents and disappeared from view and now the areas they occupied for a few days return to high school basketball games or business conventions.

The above has the harmless appearance of true democracy in action. No one ever considers that a great coup might be taking place in these local counting areas. For inside these local places, the Black Box of the Voting System is even more ominous and mysterious than that Black Monolith from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. And, the true events surrounding voting today, even more incredible and bizarre than even the fiction a great Hollywood screenwriter could come up with.

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