Media Psychology & A Worldview

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John Fraim

So many psychological connections between the Internet and the modern psyche. If only Jung was around to provide a way forward today. Or Marshall McLuhan. Or John Coltrane. Or, my own father and grandfathers I remember so well. Yet all my heroes are dead today and it is up to people like me to keep their memory and legacy alive in the world.

These are our wise, spiritual ancestors. In effect, the adults in the modern “room” of the current world. There is the fact that none of them are here today. This means we can – at most -only be “apprentices” to these mentors. Our lives fired by the passion of the mediums that fuel our emotions and passion. The grand, unseen forces because they are too large and all surrounding like water around a fish. It is against the constant noise and frequency of the background sounds in my life that messages in within the medium produced.

The takeaway? 

We all reassemble the medium of reality we live in – the Zeitgeist as some have called it – the world of daily reality. We all perceive this reality using common tools and individual tools. The two always battle in each person. The common, equality of the Feminine archetype and the individual, freedom of the Male archetype. Always battling. In culture and society. But all because the two were always battling inside the psyche of the individual. 

Both archetypes, the Masculine and Feminine, are in everyone. They come out through individual lives in cycles. The beginning of the life cycle in birth and youth is a Feminine time where there is a connection and commonality with the rest of the world. This is the time that Democratic party principles dominate as a symbol to all. Both male and female. 

But life and symbols grow away from the commonality of youth to the growth of freedom and individuality. This movement is contained in the life cycle of mankind. All life has moved from commonality to differentiation, from one to many.

The escape from the commonality experience of inside the mother in her sea of life into a need to assemble the world on one’s own terms. Of course, the grandest drama for all of us. This movement from commonality and equality to individuality and freedom. The battling of the two old grand symbols of the Feminine and Masculine archetypes. The battling of McLuhan’s two grand symbols also in the feminine medium and the masculine message.

One thought on “Media Psychology & A Worldview

  1. One of the Best posts ever! We need remembering all the spiritual ancestors we had in my life. All sadly deceased and have passed into the realm of legend. Reading and listening to this blog, made me reevaluate and rethink my definitions and opinions of ‘the Medium’. What would Jung and McLuhan think today? Would they be overwhelmed or disgusted at the level of media overload and abuse. The new ‘mediums’ are revamping how we communicate and even ‘what’ we communicate.
    The best we can ever do is honor our own spiritual ancestors, remembering and using their wisdom. What makes us all human hasn’t changed, just how we communicate or don’t communicate how human we are.
    Thank you for writing and sharing this.

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