Kamala & The Utopia of Space

John Fraim

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It’s a bizarre video that’s painful to watch.

Of course, I’m talking about the video that Kamala did in conjunction with NASA as the basis for a TV series. It starts off with shots of space and then there is a man floating inside a spaceship in zero gravity. It is former astronaut Shane Kimgrough who is aboard the International Space Station. 

As he floats in space (after introducing himself) he tells us he has a challenge for us. The “us” is children not adults. It is attempt at spurring the interest in children more in sciences like that required to work for NASA. recruitment at an early age of children into at least the greater interest in science and perhaps NASA careers and perhaps even astronauts themselves eventually. 

The video runs during Space Week in America where the focus is on NASA and space in general. There is much excitement this year in that private people are space leaders today when it used to be the nation. Now, one billionaire battles another in the space battle. Tomorrow, the hero of the baby boom generation, Captain Kirk of Star Trek, goes up in a privately financed spaceship.  

Astronaut Shane Kimgrough tells children in the video that during Space Week that need to perhaps visit an observatory or build a telescope or go outside and look at the moon. In general, become interested in the work of NASA and perhaps the new space companies of the billionaires twenty years down the road. Generally, the message is to become interested in the area about the surface of the world. Space. To explore this space more. Go outside and look at the moon. Perhaps join the NASA team someday. He says that he’s calling on his group to get “curious” and figure out how to do it. 

“Do you want to join the team?” he asks. He says that he will have help in showing you about all of this by Vice President Kamala Harris. We learn that she is the head of the National Space Council. Appointed in May 2021. Known to few it seems to me. 

“Get curious,” astronaut Shane Kimgrough repeats as he floats inside a room in the International Space Station. 

In maybe a minute or so in graphics, we see photos of the child who is joining Shane’s team and coming back to Washington DC from all over the country. And then we meet the rest of his team from all over the country. The kids introduce themselves in a graphic that shows where they are from. Next shots show them traveling to DC and then arriving and touring some of the sights in DC and then all going to meet a very special VIP: Vice President, Kamala Harris welcomes the children to the White House. 

She enters the video in a light blue pantsuit around 3 minutes in. In a few minutes, all the children are sitting around Vice President Harris and asking questions. Much softer than even the ones Joe Biden gets. You think you’ve fallen into Wonderland as the next few minutes with Kamala sitting around a table talking to children (paid actors) you’d think you were at the Madhatter’s Tea Party. 

* * *

A video so bizarre it goes outside the rails of political parties altogether. It is the VP talking to probably her few who might like her. Children at that. Those few in the general American populace who can’t vote. 

The video speaks for itself revealing a grand symbol of this period since the election of Biden as President. Perhaps the strangest President in history. Someone who came to power in the middle of violence, fraud and a growing pandemic and cry to Reset the Global economy into a new world order. It’s hard to think of more disruptive times in the world than now.  

It is within this general context we all know so well that the video seems so out of touch with reality. One can say that it has a worthwhile purpose: the encouragement of young people to become more interested in space. But it has such a phoniness and staging about it. Not that the concept of getting kids interested in space is not a good concept. And, not that the concept is bad. 

* * *

More than anything, it seems like a safe place to hide Kamala away for now. She certainly has not lifted Biden’s sails in any way and has failed at most of the larger things Biden’s placed on her like the border. Here, amongst children and speaking nonsense and glaring at the kids with her smile, Kamala offers a good symbol for the whole administration currently. Distracting from the current world and living in a fictional world that doesn’t exist. Is there any doubt that Biden is already living in this fictional world? An actor in someone else’s script. This is no longer conspiracy theory stuff. It’s obvious each appearance the president makes. The appearances we are allowed to see. All the other ones of his daily life, hidden from us.

Like Joe, the same screenwriter is writing the script for Kamala. Her position in the administration will be somewhat like a member of England’s Royal Family. Appearing at certain functions and openings and being on certain committees in organizations. Being head of the National Space Council. Keeping her away from the adult things going on in DC. The problems at the wall. Growing refusal of the vax mandate. Pilot strikes at major airline companies. 

* * *

Kamala sits in the soft light of an October afternoon in DC talking to the children around the table. Answering their questions. Such an obvious distraction from the reality of the present and a venture to the fantasy of Never Never Land. This is where Kamala seems to be living when she gives her famous chuckle that dismisses things like borders. Much more enjoyable to be sitting around a table of children actors all asking her questions. Attempting as much as they can, to boost her poll ratings while keeping her out of trouble and the public spotlight as much as possible. What a great vehicle for her is this potential NASA gig. A way to push branding of the VP with falling poll numbers. It is a way to push Harris onto the higher ground of popular polls which she has never had.  

But you be the judge. Watch her interact with the children actors around the table asking her questions and Kamala responding with her trademark fake smile and laughter that makes even the laugh of Hillary seem trustworthy. The face is one of the most superficial we’ve ever seen. The outward facade like the front of an old western building on a Hollywood set. An outward image of painted pieces of wood sheets propped up from behind. But little holding the facade up and the whole building able to be toppled over by wind. The fakeness, the phoniness, is something that simply cannot be hidden from the American electorate (audience for the video) of the nation. 

The image of Harris with the children becomes a symbol for the Biden administration. This is their desire to be in a different space than most Americans. The recent video of Kamala offers the best insight into this symbolism. It seems we (Americans) are all those children sitting around the old table, listening to Kamala speak to us. 

* * *

The script writer for Biden takes this approach also. Speaking to everyone from a different perspective of reality. Reacting in different ways one would have expected him to act after the Afghanistan events. Congratulating himself and his administration. Strolling up to the microphone in press conferences like an old man shuffling down the hall to the bathroom in the middle of the night in his bedroom slippers. 

And now, Kamala sitting around a table of children, fielding rehearsed questions. Such a good symbol for this administration so far. Treating the public like children, especially those in society who have refused to get their vaccination so far. For those unvaxed, the world is beginning to seem like the play out in real life of a zombie horror movie. All the vaccinated coming towards those not vaccinated yet. 

One is reminded of scenes in the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The world of the unvaccinated today seems like those who been snatched by the zombie body snatcher people. More and more people in this little town in the California wine country are becoming infected with the zombie effects of the body snatchers. 

* * *

Yes, a fantasy view of reality. Attempting to distract us from looking away from the world around us and towards the world above us. The sky. The heavens. The universe. Space of course in this NASA-financed film. 

At the same time, though, we need to realize that space and the heavens is the modern symbol of the that perennial Utopian vision of a place or culture in the future. In a large sense, space has become this new Utopian vision of the left. Modern Utopia is in space is the message of this video and the message Kamala attempts to communicate to the children. 

In certain ways, Kamala is on an important mission for the team. That is, scouting out a new location for a segment of the party concerned about future things rather than present things. This is what NASA and their budget are all about in the first place. That future Utopia where one can dismiss the problems of the present and retreat to the future.

All this was creating a modern version of Utopia. Now, something not on earth but rather in outer space. In the sky. The universe. The new version of Utopia that has been the guiding force for Liberals and Progressives for many years. In the end, this Utopia has the great pulling power of being a form of the Feminine archetype in life. The Feminine force in nature.

For these reasons, the video cannot simply be laughed off as another attempt to promote the VP into something she might take a liking to and be good at. It was more the auditioning of her behind the curtains so to speak. Letting her test the waters of a particular series that had the backing of NASA. Something closely attached to the escapism from reality symbolized by the Biden Administration. Kamala is the poster girl for this in the administration. Maybe this is the biggest part she is allowed to play by the script writer.


Part of an excellent article on the Kamala video from 10/11/21 edition of The Western Journal.

There are so many things Vice President Kamala Harris could be doing right now to try to bolster the Biden administration’s slipping approval ratings.

Things like, oh, I don’t know, just picking issues at random here, visiting the border and working on ameliorating the crisis she was supposed to solve, or taking a leadership role in continued efforts to rescue Americans still stranded in Afghanistan after the withdrawal.

You know, the sorts of things that are threatening the lives and welfare of the American people and foreign refugees alike.

Instead, what is Harris, who has seen some incredibly low approval ratings for a vice president, doing with her time?

She’s apparently been busy working on a YouTube Originals series with NASA in which she geeks out about craters on the moon and gives heartfelt, encouraging messages to children about being themselves.

The real hard-hitting issues that any American VP should be expected to tackle, right?

According to the Washington Examiner, the producers at Sinking Ship Entertainment (no really, that’s what it’s called), hope the pilot episode of “Get Curious with Vice President Harris” will develop into a series. 

(Read more at … https://www.westernjournal.com/vp-harris-brutally-mocked-ridiculous-nasa-video-kids-featuring-child-actors/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=AE&utm_campaign=can&utm_content=2021-10-12)

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  1. Ouch! I’m glad I watched the video before reading the critique. I thought it was well-produced and appropriate for children. President Biden was happily enjoying his retirement until he was recruited to fight one more battle in an environment he had little responsibility in choosing or creating. A bit like being dropped from space into hostile territory.

    I’d like to read your fair comparison with what is currently going on compared to what was going on, as well as the various characters’ characters? Apples to apples. Before and after. Spaced-out and in-space.

    Regardless of your political POV, I enjoyed your writing! It helps me to imagine the current political miasma symbolized as a shuttlecock being boinked around in a badminton tournament. Boink…boink…boink.

    noun: boink
    an act of knocking or hitting something that causes a reverberating sound.
    “give it a bonk with a hammer”
    an act or instance of having sex.

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