The Roadkill Big Band / Petaluma, California / November 15, 2021
Downtown Petaluma on a Rainy Night (From Lemongrass Thais Restaurant)

Some photos around Petaluma, California in the Sonoma wine country. All taken with my iPhone. The abstract photos were processed with the ProCamera app manipulating the Curves function. Up here visiting my step-daughter Sarah and her partner Casey. I used to live just 15 miles north of here in Santa Rosa. It’s great being back! (Petaluma was where they shot the famous film American Graffiti)

Lobby of Hotel Petaluma Built in 1924
Lobby of Hotel Petaluma
Green Bottles Above Lobby Bar in Hotel Petaluma
Brewster’s Beer Garden (Already decorated for Christmas)
Brewster’s Beer Garden
Back Porch of Home
Ganesha at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
Petaluma Hotel Sign in the Evening
Roadkill Big Band
Artwork on Building / Downtown Petaluma

One thought on “Petaluma

  1. Love it~~Your pictures are so great…makes me want to go there…Enjoy the time you spend there with your family,
    and all the lovely sights and sounds…Barbara


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