Rich’s Place Above Rathbone

North of Rathbone (where the bridge road going West intersects with Dublin Road going South

The Warmth of the Sun / Beach Boys


Sure it was a party given by my good friend (of over twenty years) Rich. And it was a great party at that. Given right below the view from my done shot above. Starting at 5:30 in the afternoon of a rainy weather day in Columbus, Ohio. I called Rich at around 9 in the morning and he was bummed out about the weather. It was pouring out here in New Albany (in the extreme NE section of Columbus as Rich as in the extreme NW section of Columbus. Really part of the town of Delaware just five miles down the road in front of his home.

I told him not to worry. The weather would clear.

But even at 3 in the afternoon, we had a strong downpour in New Albany. I started getting worried about Rich’s outdoor party. He had spent almost a week off from his regular job in a very specialized part of the insurance profession. He had mowed the almost three acres he has in his lease of the home and the land. Steph and I arrive around 6:00 pm on a day that has finally turned sunny after all the rain and thunderstorms of the day. Cars were all across his front lawn. The turnout was great. As we walked back to the group assembled behind Rich’s home, I knew this party was such a symbolic event for my good friend Rich.

The Back of Rich’s New Place / 6:45 pm on an Ohio day in mid-July

For one thing: it was the first time I think Rich wanted a big party. To show his friends where he is living now. In fact, better than a lot of other lives out there.

I made the flyers he sent out.

I hope it helped him promote the party.

But when Steph and I drove up in my Jeep at around 6 that evening, it was approaching what photographers call “Magic Hour” and I was glad I brought the Sony RX 7 set for interesting wide settings for Photomatix Pro 6 software. I’ve been using Photomatix in its various reincarnations through its product life cycle. But the light seemed particularly beautiful tonight at Rich’s new place. Perhaps, very appropriately.

Rich Finally Has Space in Life / A Dream of a Lot of Us?

It was immediately obvious all the work Rich had done. The long grass I had waded through a month ago out at his place was now sporting a golf course trim. it all had the appearance of a golf course trim. On on side of the property was a good-sized pile of pilings from all the work Rich had done.

People Kept Arriving at the Party

I felt so good for Rich after all the worrying he’d done about the weather. But that’s that way it is with Columbus weather in July and August.

I got the Sony RX 7 out and stepped away from introducing myself to take some photos. The light was just right. Approaching Magic Hour.

Rich’s Lawn was Golf ouse Quality

The first part of the party was when everyone broke out in small groups.

The Early Part of Rich’s Party / Breakout into Smaller Groups

I just roamed about for a few minutes, taking some photos with the amazing little Sony RX 7. With HDR AEB set to extremes. Using these extreme settings as input to Photomatix Pro 6 software to process and manipulate. A brilliant little piece of technology. I brought the German Sennheiser Microphone tonight to record the steel pan band. But Rich tells me that with today’s rainy weather that he called them off.

Looking Up Above Our Group of Lawn Chairs at Rich’s Party

So I put the microphone away and just walked around and shot some images as people arrived at his party. Of course, this party of my good friend Rich meant much more than just celebrating a new place he has leased.

This time, things are different. Rich has achieved a certain space he has wanted so much in his life. Like so many of us. So, this is the way I took the particular symbolism of Rich’s party.

A Table at Rich’s Party (Great wine & cigars)

But it seems very symbolic in other ways for my friend Rich.

The signs are there.

Will he read them?

Can he read them?

Nextdoor Neighbor to the North

Maybe a few others can also see the symbolism of this event for Rich. I wish we could all have such wonderfully symbolic parties in our lives. And have so many friends come to the party.

It was certainly a party. But to me, it was more than just a party. Rather it seemed a type of milestone for my old friend.

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