Hollywood Safari

An update on a manuscript I abandoned and then returned to.

Somewhat like Joseph Conrad’s return to finish his novel in 1920, twenty years after he started it.

Rescue after a twenty year lapse from the start of the novel. The third in a famous trilogy.

Feel below MS could be very useful to a number of sectors of the population. Beyond screenwriters or story-tellers. 
Take a look in the PDF below and the correspondence. Let me know how you feel. 

One major question I have is whether I can publish all the stuff in the below PDF without copyright infringement. Let me know if you might have any suggestions for me. Read from bottom up in below communication.




Just heard from Paul Gulino at Chapman University and send you his note to me below. 

Sent him the latest update of Hollywood Safari with Jules Selbo and Story Grid added as well as the Introduction revised.
You might take a look at the below PDF I sent to him and see what you think on the Story Grid section (towards the end of the book) as well as the Coyne’s Foolscap Global Story grid in the Appendix I added.



Besides the review of your new book on my website Midnight Oil, I also sent you a copy of the updated manuscript Hollywood Safari with my note to you. If you recall, I sent you a version of it in 2013 at 60 pages. I recently returned to it and it is now 90 pages and (I think) substantially better, updated and more useful.

Have been working on it since then and have added more to it so please look at the attached version.
This is written with screenwriting students in mind as well as those who simply want a brand survey of screenwriting theory before plunging into the area.

Would really appreciate your thoughts.

Bloomsbury is interested in publishing it for librarians as a reference guide but I am holding back on any decisions now.

Best regards, 

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