Amaryllis Bulb

Fooling around on this little desk set of studio lights with the main Hollywood light modifiers in color filers and objects in front of cinema lighting like snoots, and soft lighting. Great little set of three lights and the modifiers for only 100. Anyway, took a shot of an Amaryllis Bulb that grows in the same (red wax) container it comes in. Shot in HDR with 3 shots: one an f-stop and a half over, one an f-stop and a half under and one shot automatically exposed using the f-stop in the middle of the two extremes of too much and too little light. I thought the above shot in the middle f-stop much better than the three combined shots. Photographed against a black posterboard. Using the 3 little Hollywood lights on small tripods I got in the kit from SmallRig. Playing around with the lights. Tried to shot the plant in a dramatic way. 

Much easier it seems to me for people like set designers to see dramatic lighting in situations. Only now possible that I have the snoot theatrical light modifiers which are used in below. Not only the but miniature barn doors and color filters. I feel like a director! The other night I shot the Imma Galaxy diorama I made a few years ago with these little lights.

The SmallRig Lights

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