Blogs As Chapters?


Ducky 3

Blogs re funny things. They always exist as independent posts. Yet more often than not, they are all linked together in some grand narrative that is an important part of our narrator, or whoever it is that’s telling the story to us.

Might blogs be considered as chapters of a long narrative, a book, a novel, a screenplay, a ply, in progress?

Perhaps chapters and parts of a work appear at funny intervals and it is up to the author to put them together in some narrative order. They pieces arrive in pieces. In text messages to friends. Posts to FaceBook. Tweets on a particular topic. After a period of time, they have their own magnetism that pulls the pieces together and allows for us to see a pattern.

One of the points here is that often we don’t see all the potentials at one moment in time. Often in upside down and inside out manner. They have little respect for all the efforts it takes on our part for translation. Yet, the greater whole might be seen from looking at a collection of things one has done.

The writing on this site hopefully convinces visitors that we believe these pieces continue to come together. As they do for this whole site in the blog posts. They are all part of the story in development we call New Liberty (see earlier posts on the story idea).

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