A composition with a modified sample pattern from our Korg Electribe Sampler is played against the real time programming from the Korg MiniLogue playing high bass notes. The arpeggio notes come from our Korg Kaossilator Pro Plus. The brass sounds are put on top of all of these sounds via our Korg Kross 88 keyboard.

Again, an un-doctored sample of original music from us. The combination (summit?) of a sampler, polyphonic synthesizer, linear phase synthesizer (like the Kaossilator). On top of these tracks, a Kross Keyboard Brass Program played over the patterns developed.

In describing this one might say:

We lay down Atomic Program 39 pattern fro the Electribe. Adjust pattern parts and overall pattern for our own ears.

A hip-hop sampled pattern here.

We overlay a bass holding a note followed by a punchy brass overlay to give power to the looping sample from the Electribe Sampler.



Korg Electribe Sampler

One might argue that the new music of our times will come from the leading music in pop culture at the time. Yet pop culture trends always ride the crests of the grand waves of psychological states (moods) cycling through the Zeitgeist of the times. As it had always cycled through the Jungian “collective unconscious” of world cultures at a moment or period of time.

Perhaps new music will not necessarily come from exploring the limits of one genre of music, but rather in “sampling” other genres of music into a project. Here, the most sophisticated modern sampler meets the polyphonic synthesizer and these two meet the non-linear phase recorder with the K pro plus.

Perhaps modern artists are more “samplers” of the things already created in the world rather than “creators” of first things in the world. And who is to be he judge of “first things” in the world?


Korg Polyphonic MilniLouge

So offered here, a sample pattern (modified) from the Korg Electribe Sampler. Played with a deep bass from the Korg Minilogue. Followed by an overlay from the Kaossilator Pro and a final brass sound from the Kross Keyboard.

Finalized for now. But probably, still in development as much great art is “still in development.”

One conclusion about art and artists: contemporary artists are more samplers of the works of others more than creators of their own works.

Modern art becomes using other’s works rather than creating one’s own works. The artist as a type of Director rather than an Actor/Actress in the events of the times. As such, playing Hollywood “god” with the characters in a particular story.


Korg Kaossilator Pro Plus




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