Mutual Blackmail?


Mutuality = Actuality?


The other day, a friend sent me a link with the title “Connect the Dots” with the message “Jerry Pournelle, who originally posted it, is not the author. Someone sent it to him.”

I sent this to another friend who responded by sending me the following link with the comment “Yep. And then there’s this. Who do you want to believe?”

Today, Jon Rappoport combines both of the above in an important blog called “Peace Through Mutual Blackmail: Is That What’s Happening in Washington?” The blog discusses both articles.

We hear about blackmail but seldom about “mutual blackmail.” Yet mutual blackmail could very well be the great, hidden “elephant in the room” of DC politics today. Just like the dynamics of the “mutual destruction” concept of nuclear war that has created a stalmate in international nuclear war, perhaps the dynamics of “mutual blackmail” has (and will continue to) created a stalmate in DC politics? Both sides have the “goods” on each other.


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