Image in Search of a Story …

“Walking My Greyhound Genna. Lightposts in New Albany Around 5:00 pm in Late November”


On my nightly walk with my greyhound Genna. Just a simple photo of a street lamp in New Albany I pass each night when walking my greyhound Genna. I tweeked the photo in a program until I thought it represented what I wanted it to represent. More than anything, it seemed to me, it is an image in search of a story. (Rather than a story illustrated by images).

This is a great challenge today. Writing words from images that inspire and motivate and explode outward rather than from words in search of an image.

The image above as the starting image.

The basic symbolism of light against the darkness. Yet light “fooled” with branches of a tree (society?) attempting to interfere with the light coming from the lamp. Perhaps obscure it in some way?

In the distance, on the horizon, the light of a new dawn is making its first appearance.

Is there a story in this image?

Previously, a story looked for an image in the jumble of words it spouts out about the story.

But here, an image pulling together the words of story, pulling them together like a type of gravitational force.

What are the words of this story?

(Shot on an iPnone 8 Plus / Edited in the ProCamera App for iPhone.)


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