The Pink Peacock Room

Pink Room / The Luxli Cello (The Rose Purple 49 Filter at 30%)

No this is not the opening of a horror or Sci Fi film. Rather this is all about the revolutionary nature of the Luxli Cello light will take a little time to find the right market in today’s consumer world. Sure it is a superb new tool in the bag for filmmakers and many have testified to this fact. It is also a great tool for photographers. Midnight Oil Studios originally got it for experiments in lighting dioramas. But there seem so many more uses for the lights than these areas.

So far, the lights have not been used to illuminate a scene but rather to create a mood where a scene might be created.

For example, hte above picture is an image of my office using the 49 filter on the Luxli. One of 150 different filers. By far, the greatest collection of color filters ever offered to the general public. Going through these is an incredible experience but one can go through any color of the rainbow by using the colors area on the smartphone Conductor app for the lights. A brilliant app combines with a brilliant to revolution in light.

The app allows incredible control over the colors of the Cello. One can program the change in colors and the speed of this change. (It would be interesting if the color change cycles in Luxli could be extended to perhaps represent the length of a film or play.)

Like all media, the media of light surrounds us like water around a fish. And, like fish, we never suspect we are contained in something. The container environment, the media or medium one inhabits, always seems to be that grand invisible elephant in the room … Influencing everything yet maintaining an almost complete invisibility.

Peacock Blue Room / The Luxli Cello (Peacock Blue 127 Filter at 30%)

The Luxli Cello allows unprecedneted control over the spectrum of light today for uses that still need inventing. It is this type of revolutionary product.

The market for Luxli is greater than illuminating scenes in films, dioramas or photographs. Rather, it seems to me it is in illuminating moods for artists during the creation of their art.

It seems the Luxli Cellos might find a good market in galleries allowing gallery owners to control the lighting for their gallery as never before.

No one is going to toss a lasso around a revolution in powerful, portable lighting control offered to the general consumer for the first time. A brilliant new edition to the toolkit for independent filmmakers. For photographers.

But so much more too.

Uses yet to be determined.

Like any revolution in the medium of light that envelopes us each second but one we know little about. Here, a control over this light is offered for the first time in a brilliant LED light.

More reports later on our use of our two Luxli Cellos illuminating the office of Midnight Oil Studios.

And, hopefully reports from you readers out there telling us about your experience with these incredible new lights.


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