Confrontation of Symbols

American culture has always been based on that continual clash between its two founding ideals in freedom and equality. They are two ideals that represent the grand symbolism of the world in the Masculine and Feminine genders and archetypes. The continual battle of symbols is the true key to the greatness of the nation. Not necessarily the ideas of America, but rather the fight these ideas have to rise to the top.

The symbols of America in major conflict are these two great founding symbols of America in Masculine and Feminine. The masculine symbol symbolizing freedom is the symbol for the Republican Party while the feminine symbol of equality is the symbol of the Democratic Party. Much of the history of America has seen a rather mild transition between the symbols: one of the symbols rises as the other symbol goes into decline. The gradual transition between symbols mentioned above has not happened in today’s world: one symbol is not ready to decline as the other symbol fights for ascendance.

The masculine symbol is characterized by the “old white men” – Republicans – on the Senate Judiciary Committee while the feminine symbol is represented by the “Me Too” movement and the Democrats on the committee. The “Me Too” movement does not have a natural political allegiance but it certainly is currently being used by the Democratic party in the confirmation hearings. It is a hard symbol to confront for Republicans as Arizona Senator Flake demonstrated in a Senate elevator.

Symbol for the current “Me Too” movement is Professor Christine Ford. Through her powerful, emotional testimony at the confirmation hearings, the “Me Too” finds a powerful spokeswoman. Against this “Me Too” symbol, looking down at she testifies, are the eleven “old white men” Republicans on the committee. The two symbols will line up in the coming midterm battle. As Polster Frank Luntz notes, “Its going to be the largest gender gap in modern American history.” The historic gender gap is discussed with charts in an October 1 Bloomberg article “Kavanaugh Battle Expands Historic Gender Gap Before Election.” Listed as reasons for this gap in the article are include the intense partisan split over the president, a potent movement to expose sexual harassment and assault and a record number of women running for office.

Whatever the outcome of the hearings and the midterm elections, the confrontation of the two great symbols of America in masculine freedom and feminine equality have seldom been in such powerful opposition.



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