Jordan Peele’s Us

After the film Get Out, there were high expectations for future Jordan Peele films. He has met and surpassed expectations in his second major film Us. While not as tightly bundled as Get Out, Peele’s Us is more ambitious in scope. Its large ambitions are met in many ways and the resulting film shows that the incredible Get Out was not a one shot wonder. Jordan Peele is one of the world’s most important filmmakers. Not just in the horror genre but all genres.

This is not all that surprising to those who have been following his rising career in comedy under the Key & Peele moniker and his link to a vast slate of films and TV shows, including producing the Tracy Morgan comedy The Last O.G., the YouTube series Weird City and the coming Twilight Zone reboot.

I’m not going to take time to break it down and review the film here. There are plenty of review of it already starting to appear. One of the best reviews of Us is from  The Verge.

Monkey Paw Productions / Films to Follow

The film is produced by Jordan Peele’s Monkey Paw Productions. Monkey Paw Productions website has little on it except some scarry black & white still images scrolling past. Before the film starts, there is a wildly creative short logo sequence and a type of logo for Monkey Paw Productions … a monkey’s paw, floating in the air, stirring a cup of tea. In the left bottom of the home page for Monkey Paw site are two links. One link is to Script Submissions which is now shut down. The other link is to the Monkey Paw Productions Twitter page. You might want to go to the page and Follow Jordan Peele. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot from him to follow in the coming years.

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