Londonderry Farewell

Londonderry Farewell 

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The US Navy communications base in Londonderry, Northern Ireland played an important part in winning WWII and became a vital part of its community. However, by the mid-70s it was situated in the middle of the raging civil war between Catholics and Protestants called the “troubles” and the navy felt it should be closed down. It was a difficult task and top brass at the Pentagon picked a fast-rising young officer named Thomas McKeown for the job. Along with his assignment, he was given a secret that he could not share with anyone.

Londonderry Navy (1975)

Created from memoirs of Captain McKeown, the historical novel Londonderry Farewell describes the final year of the famous base from the perspective of the base commander Captain Tom McKeown. While no stranger to challenging assignments, McKeown found this assignment the toughest of his career. With both Catholics and Protestants under his command, he had to constantly walk a delicate line to keep the base safe from the violence all around it. Adding to his official duties there were the duties of a father and husband to his family who had left their home in America to live in Ireland during this time.

Londonderry March During The Troubles of the Mid-70s

See an interview with my co-author of Londonderry Farewell Captain McKeown at Tom McKeown on KESQ TV in Palm Springs.

Captain Tom McKeown in 1975


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