We’re posting the most hated video in the history of YouTube. As you can see it has almost (as of 9/10/20) 150 million hits. This is a lot of hate for sure. The history of the video is very interesting. Rebecca had no idea she was in the video. A bunch of electronic manuevering turned her into a bad new meme of ten years ago. Watch Friday and then watch her response to her notoriety.

The defence of Rebecca to the video “Friday” was this.

Whether it was successful or not … you need to be the judge about this. It seems to me someone fighting the curse of becoming a cultural meme in around 2010.

A lesson for a lot of people out there today?

What type of lesson though.

Certainly in some way, a lesson in the power of social media to amplify a message and turn it into a cultural meme of its time.

Or, a lesson in how to reach popularity in culture without all of the giant cultural machines behind you?

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