Battle of the Two Symbols

Diorama “Deepstate Swamp” by John Fraim

(The Two Symbols in Juxtaposition)

John Fraim

Things have indeed gotten beyond for me. I thought it was crazy back in January with QAnon. As a lot of you know, I spent a lot of time listening to key spokespersons for QAnon at this time – Charlie Ward, Robert Steele and Simon Parkes. Through the recommendations of Robert Steel, I bought a brilliant book by Martin Geddes. I wrote a blog about them in the middle of all the QAnon stuff on 1/23/21. ( They prophesized a “conspiracy” theory as many know, as large as a global confrontation between good and evil. The stakes were as big as this and QAnon suggested a vast secret network working to overthrow the forces of evil in the world. The evil is defined as child trafficking and abuse today on a global scale by world leaders. The current takeover of the nation by communist globalists of communal equality and conformity. 

Being involved with researching, writing and publishing about symbols for thirty years, the current situation seems to me a final showdown between the two gender archetypes of the world: the male archetype symbol of freedom and individuality; the female archetype symbol of equality and community. Each of us has both these symbol gender elements inside us. They move by cycles between oppositions, from one symbol to its opposite symbol. From the feminine symbol of equality at birth to freedom in growth and then back to equality in death. The cycle repeats again. 

Again, again through history. One symbol usually dominates a particular period of history. One political party. One brand of car. One streaming Netflix series. One new virtual reality video game. One song. One particular leader. Then, this symbol (these symbols) fade in the dynamics of the cycle the symbols operate within. The opposite symbol begins to grow and grow until it then dominates culture and society. Dominates what Jung called the collective consciousness of a nation. 

* * *

In all of this, things seem so confusing today. But consider it is confusing because powerful cultural controllers need to have you feel confused. Culture and society seem composed of so many puzzle pieces and hard to figure out. Forget being confused and thinking of all the pieces of the world for just a few seconds here and consider that it is really a battle between these two great gender archetypes of the world. Especially at this moment with all of the gender dysphoria happening and the ranks of alternatives to regular genders increasing far away from just that old time thing called “males” and “females.”

The problem is that not one symbol dominates today but clash for domination. I call this the general narrative of the world put out by the controlling government that serves to define reality for citizens. The other narrative, I call the alternative narrative. Anything and everything that challenges the controlling government narrative of the world. The forces of the alternative narrative of the world are also the power gathered around the other archetype symbol that fights for domination. The symbol of freedom, as it fights for domination over the current feminine symbol of equality. 

This creates a unique dynamic in the world today with the two grand gender symbols fighting in the present for domination of the other, rather than coming into domination of culture via their traditional, cyclic movement from dominated symbol to dominant symbol in culture and then repeating again and again. 

But the symbols were not obeying their cyclic movement through history when America was first founded as an idea, somewhere by someone. At this moment, there was a perfect clash and something like an internal atomic explosion when the new creation of America was founded at the paradoxical intersection of the two symbols: freedom and equality. America was founded, fused into existence by the two symbols. The two symbols have fought it out in the cycles of the various political parties with their shifts from feminine dominating symbol to masculine dominating symbol. The feminine archetype symbol, always represented in the Democratic Party. The Liberal, Progressive and Socialist perspective of the world. One of commonality and equality. The masculine archetype symbol, always represented in the Republican Party. The Conservative and Democratic perspective of the world. One of individuality and freedom.

* * *

The archetype gender symbols of equality and freedom have cycled through American history until the digital age. It is at this time that the cyclic progression of the symbols became affected by this new electronic world. The symbols needed to adjust to this new digital world. The new 5G world.

Just as the founding of America was a melding of the two symbols together, today is again this time. But not for a nation to do. But rather on a global scale. More than that melding of the feminine archetype and the masculine archetype at the founding of America. Now, the melding of the grand gender archetypes on a global rather than national scale. 

This great battle in America, and in the world, in the middle of 2021, 15 months into the great pandemic, is between the two grand gender symbols. Can there in fact be any symbol greater on the earth? 

* * *

But what’s going on in the world right now is weirder than anything that QAnon prophesized. As I said, I used to listen to them a lot a few weed before 2021 Inauguration of Biden. QAnon prophesized a global battle between good and evil.

But what does QAnon define as the symbols of “good” and “evil” in the world today? 

The symbols of Freedom and Equality offer better ways of thinking about our current challenges. At least in the view of this symbologist. There might be other views outside this symbolic one. There are always this division of world ideas and concepts and symbols into masculine and feminine. As we have said before, there is no other larger symbol in the world.  

Both are inside all of us. Neither is either good or bad. But both are good or bad at times. 

It has always been the true destiny of America to meld together its masculine and feminine symbols. To create a modern alchemy of the two grand symbols of masculine and feminine. More than any of its technological achievements. This has been a spiritual achievement and measured by something or something that we perhaps are not even aware of today. The current narcissism of a selfie culture and moment in time when we are transfixed by our reflected and distorted images. The voices of the government’s general narrative (or “talking points” as some have referred to aspects of this big narrative) attempt to dominate as the grand symbol today. It is the feminine symbols of equality and community and commonality and connectedness. Against this symbol, the masculine alternative view symbol representing freedom battles the dominating feminine equality symbol. 

* * *

I thought the battles and world prophesized back in January by QAnon was crazy and bizarre. 

Now, we’re all living in an even more bizarre and crazy period then even that prophesized in January by QAnon by the leading website people of QAnon I was intensely following at the time. As I said at the beginning of this piece, “things have indeed gotten beyond for me. I thought it was crazy back in January with QAnon.” 

As QAnon might define things today, evil has taken over the world. It’s not hard to see this word itself out in front of me (my computer screen) each day. No longer to listen to their predictions. Things today are way beyond what they predicted. Gone off on its own way. No one can make up the current news as things get crazier and crazier. On the Chris Plante radio show, the singer Demi Lovato, says she has transitioned from a “she” to a “they.” 

This seems the next area for the current entanglement in issues of gender dysphoria and many issues related to gender. Anyone who doesn’t think these two great symbols inside each of us, are at intense battle today. The winner for the moment. The symbol of equality. Yet the symbol of freedom, the constant alternative symbol in defiance of the grand narrative symbol today. 

I get briefly entangled in the gender dysphoria movement by writing a blog on this ( I hear back from the key person in my article asking a particular question to me. One of the key scholars I have admired in my life. I’m trying to find out the answers to this but think that it is in the book Irreversible Damage. My blog above suggests that dysphoria is a modern reappearance of the old feminine symbols of hysteria. The idea the psychoanalytic movement was founded upon. Is this a manifestation of an old symbol? Or something new. Or perhaps, just unseen until now. 

One thought on “Battle of the Two Symbols

  1. Very interesting.. I think people will have to think very hard to come up with the answer. Perhaps it is neither
    feminine or masculine, but people uncertain in their own mind of what they wish to be, because they do not know,
    and are unhappy individuals with no faith in themselves & no belief in God,. They are seeking to change all of us,
    perhaps by control…thinking this is their answer to contentment. Feeling power by controlling us makes them feel
    more superior and therefore, they are a little more content. But I feel they are missing the whole point of life &
    why our ancestors risked so much to come to this great unknown country called America. They wanted to be
    free to choose to pray or not. They wanted to be able to work hard and succeed if they did work hard. They
    wanted to get away from people trying to control them. Evidently they want to erase history and go back to
    the era before America?

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