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Smartphones & Alternative Narratives

John Fraim

Thank god certain videos break through the censorship of MSM and land on off-the-grid sites like Rumble, away from radar of social media and the government narrative of things. Like this video, for example. 

The most important use of pirated video from cameras or smartphones is in documenting an alternative narrative to the government’s narrative of the world. The government narrative is a created, produced, narrative, employing the latest communications technology and propaganda to create an equality of control in culture. 

Much important work has been done by the Project Veritas in this area. They have been the leaders in creating an alternative narrative to a narrative from a government agency. Their battle and exposure of Planned Parenthood is well known. They have proved that exposure reporting via secret videos is a good way of showing citizens an alternative narrative to the general narrative of the current political rulers, the current presidential administration. 

* * *

Yet the true potential for establishing an alternative narrative to the government’s narrative is not ultimately in the noble, groundbreaking Project Veritas. Rather, it is in the vast ownership of all the smartphone users around the world. They have the ability to record a real time event of a leader that has not been sent through the great woke carwash of censorship today. It is a real-time recording of something done by the main actors in the government narrative of the world. The recording of these events needs to be undertaken not by one Project Veritas but by millions of smartphone users. These users, who can export the truth in their personally taken video, photograph or recording. Millions of these users posting their video views of the alternative narrative to the government narrative. 

Those who chose to attend public (and private) events of the current presidential administration and make videos of these events. One of the best film apps for a smartphone is Filmic Pro. It’s an inexpensive app that can give any smartphone user the power that huge studios and directors used to have. An incredible film camera for just a few dollars. I’ve used the incredible Filmic Pro for five years now and it is perhaps the most incredible tool for a smartphone ever invented. It gives a smartphone user the power of a director, cinematographer, music, of a film. An incredible power to document the real world rather than document a created world. The power of Filmic Pro was perhaps in documenting this alternative narrative to the government narrative. 

The video above on the Rumble channel, off the woke grid of social media, shows an alternative view of the government narrative. Try to block out the obvious hecklers on this piece and simply listen to the words of President Biden. The words have been given to the President, but it is the extemporaneous words he says that are interesting here. We are given a brief visit inside the uncensored mind of President Joe Biden with this particular clip-on Rumble. It’s almost like flying through Biden’s mind riding inside one of the new PVP drones. 

* * *

As always, in these raw videos sent from all over the world, an alternative view of the government narrative might be possible by all those gathering around the grand symbol of an alternative narrative to the current government narrative. It is enough that one sees a divide into two choices today. The technology of smartphones has the ability to provide the structure of a genuine alternative view of the government narrative more than any current media source.

It seems to me that at no time in American history has the government so opposed the people of the nation. At no time in history has government had to produce its own narrative and sell it to an increasingly disbelieving citizenship. But a citizenship that can always most effectively question the powers behind the curtains by videos taken on smartphones and shared to a general database for alternative video. 

Above, a filmed presentation from our current President. Presented to the audience pf the video for their consideration. A speech he has in some rail yards. A speech when the old wheels seemed to come off his tracks. 

You be the judge. 

We are given few moments of a real event of the president in this video.

There is something to learn behind (beyond?)  the benign faces worn through the years. Maybe a few moments of insight into our President’s mind. 

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