A good friend of mine just had her 83 birthday today and I sent her a little time capsule containing key things in culture the year she was born, in 1938. Here is the top song of the year by Artie Shaw, “Begin the Beguine.” One of the most beautiful jazz songs ever created. I also sent her photos of Santa Monica and the beaches of this era. She lives in Santa Monica now and loves going to the beach. Many times with her at the beach and the great Mexican place on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Happy birthday Claudia. You’re one of the most beautiful lights in the world. The only song worthy of you is “Begin the Beguine.” All the others are just dim, background settings.


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  1. Love it !. Thanks to Claudia’s birthday ,may this make her remember those days with the Great Band era!!
    Thank you John for though I was only seven, I do remember hearing Artie Shaw’s music played by my parents
    and extended family…a wonderful band to listen to, timeless!!

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