A Song From the Past …

Annadell Park. Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. At the top area of the park. JF photo.

Some songs are always associated with a particular time in one’s life when they first heard the song. The state of mind they were in at the time. The indelible stamp of the music to a time in one’s life. So the above piece of music to a time in my life. I was living in Sonoma County right next to Annabelle State Park and my therapy to reduce stress was to walk for miles in the park up the steep horse trails and up to the little lake at the top of the 5,000 acres park on the eastern part of Santa Rosa that rises like a big island of wilderness in Santa Rosa.

The above photo taken near that little lake at the top of the great 5,000 acres island called Annadelle Park rising above the eastern part of Santa Rosa. So great to be close to this for my first years in Sonoma County. It is such a part of me to have hiked in Annadelle so much during my years in Santa Rosa.

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  1. Santa Rosa is a lovely place – I have a friend who is from there! I’m glad that you’re still able to visit.
    How’s life in CMH? Enjoying a grandchild?

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