Night City

Have been a fan of model railroading since my dad created a train layout in the 60s. From a model railroading site from the UK I subscribe to. Most of the time, nice photos of someone’s train layout. Sometimes, a visionary artist (like Fred) appears on this site. Enjoy photos of his night city below.

A car bridge over the railroad yards

On the tracks in the railroad yard

Another street in the downtown area of the night city

A train moves through the train yard with city in the background

Downtown rail yard with downtown behind a freight car

Fred in front of his incredible night city

What looks like the downtown courthouse

Behind some of the magic. Rough plan of the night city shot in the top photo.

Done with thousands of small pica LED lights.

2 thoughts on “Night City

  1. I think railroads have a special meaning to anyone who has a clear memory of the 1950s. My grandmother lived very close to the B&O railroad tracks in a small eastern Ohio village, and I have fond memories of spending nights at her home and listening to the chugging and the whistles of the steamers that would pass in the night. The house would mildly vibrate.

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