Made about four years ago but got it out from the basement to photograph it. A diorama from the famous chase scene in Bullitt where McQueen’s green Mustang jumps the road while chasing the bad guys. I found photos of the original building on the corner of the scene and modeled this and then put a large poster on the side of the apartment announcing Bullitt. I have a little one inch Anker speaker cube that slides under all of this and can play Theme from Bullitt via bluetooth from my phone.

4 thoughts on “Bullitt

  1. i happened to catch the end sequence on tv fairly recently – maybe a year ago – the part where mcqueen is going through the terminal, then out onto the runway searching for the killer, an extended moment of increasing suspense, and what struck me was there is almost no music involved, no underscoring. what brilliant filmmaking!

  2. Loved Bullet and Steve McQueen!! Great diorama John!!! Brings back a lot of fond memories of that era….thanks for sharing this. Barbara

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