Irish Spring

Spring in Ohio has been elusive this year. One day you think it’s here and the next day it snows. What if Spring could simply come out of a box. Of course, this would be the objective if I was a creative director at the ad firm that has the account for Irish Spring. Reporting to the Colgate exexucutive who manages the brand it seems to me. Anyway, I hope that this particular brand gets all the promotion possible in the impossible category of men’s soaps. After all, they’re up against that heroic brand killer Old Spice. All bets are off the old tables on this one. (Yet, what is it with the scortched-on snow on the side of the giant Irish Spring box? We need to change this to a white, white but hopefully a lot will get the picture at this point in the presentation. Still, it looks like  Irish Spring (that grand archetype) has been “scorched” by some dumb-ass modeling blunder. Something that should really be created as soon as possible.


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