The Green Giant

Product metaphors, like Irish Spring, is a ripe area for symbolism and dioramas. Here is another product metaphor based diorama.

In the old office is an empty can of sweet peas from the Green Giant brand. A picture of the “jolly” Green Giant in the logo top of the can. A reference to the mythology of Jack in the Beanstalk. The opened can is on a piece of plywood and two footprints are in the soft earth next to the can. A group of people have gathered around the giant footprint that is as large as a crater from a meteor in the diorama scene. Perhaps it is some type of tourist trap along the old highway? A billboard or a big sign on a little building by the can? A fence around the great footprint? In the foreground of the scene is a two-lane highway (like the old Route 66) passes the can and the great footprint impressions. Some cars along the highway? Modeled in N scale.

A diorama in progress.


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