Sony RX100 VII Test

July 2, 2022. A warm evening in Columbus, Ohio. What would be a better place than nearby Harry Buffalo to test out the Sony RX100 VII with an external mic. Here, the external mic is the Sennheiser MKE 400 shotgun mic. Excuse the few instances of shaking as I didn’t bring a tripod and simply placed the camera on a ledge of the outside bar. I’m at least 50 feet away from the stage.

Using a SmallRig cage for the camera to attach the microphone and the wireless remote control. The remote control comes with the SmallRig SR-RG1 Wireless Shooting Grip. Zoom here controlled from the remote control. No special settings used in the Movie Mode of the Sony. I wanted to test the camera’s video ability in lower light right out of the box.

The Band Fusion / Harry Buffalo in Westerville, Ohio / July 2, 2022

Audio setting on the Sony around 8 (in 0 to 31 setting level). Internal system turned down to lessen any hiss so the mic can better do its work. I will add that the two clips without the Sennheiser and just using the Sony’s internal microphone is somewhat of an unfair test of the internal capability of the camera as I forgot to turn the Sony’s audio recording up from the 8 and more toward higher sensitivity towards the 31 setting on the camera.

The sunset was on fire as I left Harry Buffalo. I was impressed at what the little powerhouse camera in my pocket could do. Much cleaner images and crisper sound than the large pro camcorder I used to record my jazz documentary. And, I was also impressed with the Columbus band Fusion. They deserve to appear in much more than just someone’s test footage for a camera and microphone.

The Sunset was on Fire / Shot With the Sony RX100 VII


Recorded 7/2/2022

Harry Buffalo at 6150 S. Sunbury Rd., Westerville, OH

The Band Fusion /

Recording by John Fraim /

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