Bike Ride Around New Albany

The Backward Step / Nicholas Payton & Christie Dasheill


I love to ride bikes but I’m not part of the bike group that buys expensive bikes and takes 30 mile rides down the two-lane roads into the country. Rather, I’ve got a comfort bike and found – through a number of rides – it is possible to ride for an hour around New Albany (or 8 miles) on bike trails with hardly going into streets.

The bike ride was only a few days before the leaves would explode into their brightest colors and then fall off the trees. It was the end of summer and beginning of autumn. This time of the year – when the leaves explode into bright colors on the trees – is nature’s Fourth of July fireworks in honor of the ending season of summer. The comings and goings of the year’s seasons are so much more evident and celebrated back in Ohio than in my home state of California. Not too surprising.

Head of Pond Drive (On the southern part of the bike ride)

Here are photos of today’s ride. It’s mid-October in Ohio and the trees are all exploding in color.

The Pond on Head of the Pond Drive (A nice rest stop)

Ducks in the Pond

Photos are from Lambton Park Road and Head of Pond Drive on the southern park of my bike ride. The photo of the golf course is of the 13th green on the NACC.

The 13th at New Albany CC


Notes on the music

Nicholas Payton (born September 26, 1973) is an American trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. A Grammy Award winner, he is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also a prolific and provocative writer who comments on a multitude of subjects, including music, race, politics, and life in America. The song above is a re-make of an earlier piece by Nicholas titled “The Backward Step.” It is on his latest album Drip (2022). Beautiful vocals by Christie Dasheill. Visit Nicholas’ site. Visit Christie’s site.

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