John Lang “Trepidation” (2023)

This song is such a gorgeous song to me. It possesses elegance and is connected to great theme music of the American experience like the music of Aaron Copland. By bass player John Lang’s group. From his current album Earotica, released September of 2023.

This song is such a transcendent American song and melody. It has a certain grand eloquence to it and seems to sway forward somewhat the way a large conostoga wagon of the early west moved forward across the land. An elegant song connected to great themes from American music.

For information on John’s latest album Earotica (containing the above piece Trepidation) contact John’s site. You can download it on the Apple Music Store.

Only a day or so before the leaves would explode into their brightest colors and then fall off the trees. It was the end of summer and beginning of autumn and that time of death called winter. Autumn was always its most colorful in Ohio those few days before the leaves fell off the trees. It was like a Fourth of July fireworks exhibition put on by nature.

Before Ohio’s trees are just wires against the sky and the earth turns hard and barren.

Yet, at the same time, the most beautiful time of year in Ohio.

The comings and goings of the year’s seasons are so much more evident and celebrated back in Ohio than in my home state of California. Not too surprising.


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